Whatta I Have To Do, Detune My Scoot?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by RickyBobby, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Tonight I was low on gas and filled up at my regular place, and paid $5.10 for premium gas. When I saw the total I thought to myself next time I'll put regular in it. This is starting to leave a mark.
    I don't get the best of mileage since I seldom get past 5th gear and do most of my riding urban with stop signs and lights. I have new plugs and run synthetic oils. I still only get 35 MPG though.
    I can't even think about using my truck these days no matter what the weather. I can't wait for the oil companies to post their ungodly profits for this latest public gouging. Anyone else feeling any pain at the pump?
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    Gas is expensive all around the country but California seems to be in a different league when it comes to fuel prices. About the only advice I can give you is if you want cheaper gas get out of California! Otherwise it just is what it is.
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    As Tbone has stated running regular is probably going to cost more in the long run. Detuning your bike may help but with the type of riding stated I do not think its going to help much. Gas mileage is directly related to your right wrist.. How this for gas pain: $15.80 to fill on start of 300 mile ride. Then on way home refilled tank at $23.75. OUCH
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    Add to that that you are paying for the price of "gasoline" but since most places are "10% Ethanol added" you are getting less energy than 100% gasoline, so your mpg is going down. California is especially expensive due to taxes and regulations that require "boutique" fuels for the state. If money is that tight for fuel, I would think mods or running lower octane will cost you more money, that you don't have, now or later. Even adding an octane booster to the fuel still probably works out to the same price as getting it from a station as "high test".

    Actually, (not 100% on this) but I believe lower compression ratio is actually less efficient, based on some of the physics I have read. So "detuning" may even make it worse for you...
  5. gator508

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    Yes ouch to that.. but it's not as bad as the new truck...14-15mpg, 27 gal tank, it's what she wanted???
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    Well I for one am not surprised by these prices. The oil spill has got to be paid by someone so that BP can keep having record profits. And if we are going to protect middle eastern countries and rebuild them after we bomb them..well of course we should have to pay ungodly amounts.After all we can afford it. Lets take away veteran care, social security and among others things simply print more money! Soon we all will have to walk to work,school, church wherever. Well unless you are in the entertainment industry or a sports player. A hundred dollars to fill you gas tank is just the cost of traveling besides all that needs to happen is to raise ticket prices and you got your money back.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Now THIS has worked for me..

    For many years of traveling with a High compression TC motor that Barely got by with 92 octane...

    I would simply use a very Inexpensive fuel additive..

    I would add about a 40 to one Mix of Diesel or Kerosene to my fuel tank and then use the low octane fuel and have no problem..

    I recently did this on my 2000 FXDS and having 208/6 lbs of static compression ,,,IT was a Bear on anything Short of 92...

    I had No choice on the fuel octane at one stop on a trip and HAD to use the 87 octane. I figured about the right amount to mix into the added fuel and figured it High..at about a 35 to one mix..

    I pulled away on the ride, Two up and full gear... I even tried to make it ping BUT no ping was evident.. NOT LUGGING but twisting the throttle Hard where it would of tapped, but Nothing.. Never ran better.

    Now MIND You , I Have POSTED this many time before and I DON"T want this to turn INTO a debate.. Either believe me or Just Don't.. But ......

    I would use this IF the price difference Made the Difference NEEDED to operate the scooter, and buy the Lowest octane.

    If the bike has NO oxygen sensors in the mix, No harm, IT will do the CHEAP TRICK of slowing down the burn and that is what is done by higher octane fuel...

    I had No problems as I was careful to operate the bike in a normal fashion and NO build up of carbon was ever found to be a problem.. Check Plugs after a few tanks and If they show a lot of carbon build up use a little Less in the mix.. You'll know when You Don't use enough...

    I actually carried a 1/2 pint of kerosene in a metal bottle and added it accordingly at a fill up in a High Compression sportster I ran.. It need a little Even on 92 octane..

    Just My Way

  8. mat 60

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    We all need to do are part to to conserve our resources....That means you must only only travel when need be...Alot of us waste so much...I only ride my bike to work...I may trade for something that would get me 75+ MPG...So lets just stop our riding around.Do some walking, its good for you..:)
  9. RickyBobby

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    Lot's of good advice and thanks.
    The thing about California is they start something and the other 49 fall right in behind on a federal level. The latest twist is oxygenated fuel. It enlarges the molecules to make gas bigger than it really is. So you put a gallon of the stuff in, but it is not really a gallon as far as running it through your engine and there you have it, less fuel mileage right off the bat without starting your engine. They don't call California the left coast for nothing. These do gooder left wing fruits and nuts that somehow got elected, but no one admits to voting for them, are the ones doing it to us. From my view it is the number one reason the jobs disappeared. Business simply packed up and moved to another state or another country.
    Back to actually curing my scoots thirst for overpriced gas. I do run Xieds that tricks the Oxygen sensors into richening up the fuel metering through my injectors and makes for a lot smoother response and my ECM is running along as more of a 49 state configuration and not as a California edition. I never did notice from the time I installed them two years ago any worse mileage, but probably so, as my pipes went from a light tan color soot to a normal dark color and the engine runs noticeably cooler to boot. I live in Bakersfield and they probably got the name from the word bake. It is nothing to see 110-115 days around here in the summer. Getting a air cooler bike to run cool in the summer, even at highway speeds, is a challenge.
    Since there are two refineries right here in my town, you would think they would cut you some slack, but no. Flying J who has one of the refineries (used to be Shell) sells gas for a nickle more a gallon right here than they do a hundred miles away and yet it had to be trucked there. So, I come off bitter. Yeah I am bitter, there is no need of this high price travesty as there is enough oil in reserve in N. Dakota and Wyoming to last another 2000 years at todays use rate. That has been said many times by many people.
    One thing I decided and did not really want to further support foreign companies, although I work for Freightliner, as foreign as it gets, is to buy gas at Arco aka BP. They continually sell for less in my area. Up to $.10 less for premium. Funny thing about that is that the Arco gas comes from the refinery right here and not 5 miles from me that also supplies Chevron, Shell, Texaco and all the independent mini marts. Same? Yup, same gas. Techrolene? Give me a break.
    Allow me to step off my rickety box before I fall and hurt myself. I do feel better now, even though I will not be over this until someone regulates oil companies......................and Walmart.:newsmile106:
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    Rick Im sorry you are so mad about this...Im not happy but what can we do?..I for one will try not let it get to me..I was just having som fun, sorry :D