What's your opinion of HOG ?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by twicecam, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. twicecam

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    I have seen this thread on other forums I would like to know your opinion:bigsmiley12::bigsmiley29:
  2. Ozoneman

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    I would like opinions too. I'm trying to decide if I should join my chapter.
  3. StuckInTime

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    I was a HOG member about 10 years ago. I got out of it only because I ended up selling my bike. Now that I'm back on a HD I will likely join up again. As with any group, it is what you make of it. I found it to be a good excuse to go ride, and also a good way to make new friends to ride with.

    I am also an ABATE member, and I like their philosophy that it isn't what you ride, but rather that you do ride. I've ridden many other bikes and my personal preference is a Harley. I LOVE THESE BIKES. However, I won't knock somebody else for what they ride. I don't think most of the folks I met back then in the local HOG chapter would either. Definitely some good folks there, and worth checking out your local chapter. One word of caution: if there is more than one chapter in your area look for the chapter that is more active and seems to be organized well.
  4. Vibratinharley

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    I am a member of H.O.G. and my local chapter in Valley Forge has a lot of nice friendly people who all share the same love of riding Harleys. I think it is great and I am glad to be a member of an organization that is about "The Ride". Become a national H.O.G. member and check out your local chapter and you will probably find what I did. I am also a life member of ABATE of PA.
  5. bikermonkey

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    Why would I want to join an organization that would have ME, for a member !!!
    I’m about a hundred miles from the nearest chapter, I think. Either Lexington KY or Knoxville TN. 36 years on a bike and I’ve never joined a club. May check them out some day.
  6. Solitaree1

    Solitaree1 Banned

    what about HOG do you find desirable?
    What benefits do you think you'll get from joining?

    which is my twisted way of saying, joining HOG is like buying a bike,

    does it fit YOUR needs?
  7. Flashback

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    I belong simply because it came with the bike I bought last summer. But it also gives me folks to ride with when I'm home and don't feel like riding by my self. It's not an M.C. just a riding club generally sponsored by the local dealer so no initiations, prospecting and so forth just pay the fee and your in. This can be good or bad.... Anyone with a Harley can join whether you've ridden for 2 days or 40 years. So if you enjoy riding with the pack but don't enjoy dodging rookies learning probably not for you. As for myself doesn't bother me and I ride with an M.C. when I need a little more hardcore and alone or with H.O.G. when I just wanna get out and enjoy my ride..
  8. Hooter

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    i bought a nightrain new in march 2007 and i got the hog membership thrown in for free. good magazine but i will not be renewing my membership because i was put off by the words of the local hog club "we are not bikers we are enthusiasts" on an open day at my local dealership. i didnt understand why he needed to say such an odd thing. i would probably still join if i didnt already have lots of other similar clubs near by.
  9. levtorg

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    You can join with just a HOG membership for ther benefits, like the roadside assistance. Thats what I did, you don't have to belong to the local chapter.
  10. HarleyHarry

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    I've been a Life member since 1993 and do no more than read the magazine and pray I never need the roadside assistance. Dispite not being an active member I like being part of a group of likeminded people.