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Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by tobaman, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. tobaman

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    i found these spots on my dad's 07 ultra front forks. what r they?
    also had the same problem on previous sold nightrain n rking.

    the ultra is rarely ridden. washed waxed and all..but still this? fortunately my 04 fxdx doesnt have those spots.

    any suggestion?

    thanks a lot!:D
  2. TQuentin1

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    Can be a combination of things:

    - grit penetrationg through to the metal
    - road goo (chemicals, salts, etc.) getting through to the metal and initiating corrosion
    - staining

    If you check, you will find most older bikes all have this. One solution is to take the lowers off and polish them (buff with a wheel, grinder, or drill), or there are bunches of products supposed to address this. Just depends on your personal preference.

  3. HarleyHarry

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    That looks like corrosion to me.
    I had the same on my '07 Ultra after 1500 miles. Had forks replaces under warranty.
    The quality of the '07 Ultra IMO leaves a lot to be desired. For that reason alone I regret buying mine.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Corrosion under clear coating is likely a problem on any bare aluminum parts. Think marine/shipboard applications and suddenly HarleyHarry' experience though not good is to be expected in the wet English environ...best thing to do is as TQ suggested... a lot of work, but make sure the clear coat yoy apply is marine grade stuff and make sure the aluminum is dry and hot before applying. Another possiblility is metal coatings or the obligatory chrome!
  5. glider

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    It looks like something blasted the forks while riding on the road and chipped the clear coat and the bare aluminum is corroding.
  6. tobaman

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    well, the ultra is rarely ridden, bought brand new...and fortunately my '04 fxdx (bought 2nd hand) doesnt have corrosion on the forks

    i found this corrosion on my previous bikes, nightrain n rking...

    i just dont understand that they still got corrosion even though i polished them..

    so is there some way to restore the clear coat on those forks? like using particular wax or something to take out the corrosion or fade them out at least?
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  7. jody7734

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    The only way to make them look like noew again is to have them media blasted, polished, and recoated. Looking at about $150 for the pair.
  8. fin_676

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    The best way Ive found to sort out a situation like this is to remove the item
    strip the clear off i use paint stripper then polish the part and reapply a clear coat suitable for bare metal
    however next time a stone is thrown up by the car or bike in front of you the clear coat can be damaged again and the same thing will happen again
    so just polish apply some wax and keep an eye on it

  9. kemo

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    My suggestion use a painters sponge to strip and polish the legs. Use compounds such as jewlers rounge and polishing buffs. White diamond is a good aluminum polish so is Mothers Mag wheel polish etc. Do not apply clear coat. You can just repolish the legs when needed. If you clear coat you need to restrip. Harbor Frieght has a good polishing and buffing set. My forks get compliments because they look as good as chrome, but people can see that time has been spent on them