Whats a Panhead frame worth?

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by Yard Dogg, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Yard Dogg

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    I have a friend with a Panhead frame and swing arm that he might part with so I can start building a bike. I'm just wondering what a guy would expect to pay for one.
  2. Jonas

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    Does he have a title for the frame ? Is it going to be a problem with VIN numbers in your state?

    I do not know how much value a DuoGlide(PanHead) swingarm frame has over a shovelhead (ElectraGlide)frame. I don't think there is much difference, beside accomodating electric start on the Electraglide.
  3. Yard Dogg

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    Back then the title went by the engine number. My dad has a Pan and just told me the only number on it is a production # and then a dash with 2 #s that will tell the year of the frame. So my biggest challenge would be finding a motor.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Thats correct mine was 60FL140001
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    58-64 frames were all pretty much the same ("drop seat" frames) 65 was it's own animal as it was the first year electric start frame. The 65-69 frames are also pretty much the same. A 65 frame seems to bring the most coin as it's a one year only pan item (though 66-69 generator shovel frames are near identical) Some years had key locks, some did not. Some years had slightly different brackets and some other subtle changes. In good shape and not cut up at all- frame and round swing arms are in the $1200-1500 range in my area. On the back down tube castings there will be a series of numbers with a "-58" at the end. There is also a date code stamped on the top motor mount. If you can post the number stamped there I can tell you the year. Be SURE to get a good look at the neck area and see if there's evidence of any work done there. I have seen MANY post '70 frames that have been doctored to look like earlier, no number frames. A dead give away is the rear down tube casting numbers and passenger peg bracket shape/location.
    Hope that helps.
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    Harley Panhead frames do not have serial #'s on them ! Harley-Davidson did not put serial #'s on there frames until 1970! The only thing they went off of for a TITLE was the Engine # on the boss above the timing hole like 58FL15678

    The 1st 2 #'s reflects the year.....19'58'.....
    then the model bike "FL" meaning 1200 cc 74 cu,in.
    then the serial #

    if the frame is 100% stock and not all butchered up it could be worth $1000 to 1500 58-64 or 65-69 frames in Orig condition are worth it! What year is the frame? Swingarm with it?
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