What vibration? better check your tail lights

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by larryjmiller, Nov 19, 2009.

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    I took my bike in to the dealer to have a tire replaced.

    While waiting for the service writer the service manager noticed my tail lights were cocked. When he touched it, it was completely loose. The left hand bolt had fallen out and the right one was loose. The paint around the recess for the tail light assembly was really chipped from bouncing around. I had ridden on a narrow and rough canyon road this past weekend and it must have vibrated loose and had fallen out then. I had just pledged every surface 2 weeks ago and the tail light bar was not loose then.

    Anyway, I was totally blown away when the dealer said they would try to get me a new fender. I was thinking a new bolt and some touch up paint. I went back this morning to pick up my bike, the bolt had been replaced and the girl working the counter said HD would send a new fender. WOW!!!

    Anyone else been this lucky with their dealer?

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    Have not had that positive an experience, but I would buy a bunch of Lotto tickets if I were you. BTW which dealer did you use...Simi Valley or Ventura, they both seem to be quite good...once you settle on a specific mechanic. :D
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    Yes a Great dealer but you have to take it 1 more step up. It's the Motor Company that is saying OK to the repair. The dealer is on your side but reimbursement to the dealership is what makes it all work.

    I have never seen a Company stand up to the plate like HD. I can tell you from experience Ford & Yamaha would NOT. You can't pry $25 out of their hands.
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    I had the same problem on my 02 Heritage, have tightened them twice. I now check it from time to time. Fortunately I found it before any paint got chipped. Lucky you deal with a great dealer!!
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    The left saddle bag on my 09 Roadking classic had a tiger strip look on the cover, could only see it at the right angle, the service manager said to bring it in so he could look at it, but he said factory states if a defect can't been seen from a certain distance it would be concidered accepable, well I hung up the phone a drove right over, after he look'd at it he went over to the bikes in the showroom and pick out the best looking one and let me take it. Second time was the rocker cover had a divit under the chrome, all I had to say was that everytime someone was looking at the bike they pointed it out, presto change o, looks like it should now. Dealer is Lonewolf H-D in Idaho
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    I haven't even won $1 on Lotto. Yep, SV HD. The mechanic also lowered my rear shift lever closer to the floorboard which makes it much easier to shift, I don't have to raise my heel so high up. He must've noticed on the test ride. It is good to get lucky once in a while...