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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by slim jim, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I have posted that i bought a fxrdg and that there was 853 produced. Out of that number, 10 had the sportser frt end. Well my bike is one of the ten. The harley dealer that i go to does not have a lot of info on this bike. Aldos harley in greenfield Mass is one of the most helpful shops i have been to. The choice now is to restore it to factory condition or sell it. It should be and deserve,s to restored, but not having the funds to do that. The more i dig into the history of this bike, the more i realize what a important bike this is in the history of harley davidson. I have been to 3 harley shops and out of the 3 only 1 remembers seeing one! The other question i have is what is the value of this bike. All i wanted was a glide to ride and now i have a bike that i want to restore and not have a ride this year. I am 57 yrs young and all my life of buying and selling i have never been in this quandry before. Parts are unique to fxr,s and i can only wonder how difficult this bike is going to be. Well just some random thoughts. JD
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    Hey at 57 you don't have a lot of seasons left to waste one not riding.
    Sell the bike for what you've got in it and move on.
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    Jezz time keeps flying by. I retired almost 12 years ago at 51 years young, I thought that I would be happy to make it to 70, well the years are flying by too fast. I am now thinking about 20 more years on this earth of ours should be good. The youngest grandkid will be 22 then.
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    slim jim; maybe consider contacting a few of the larger HD dealers that have small "museums" in their dealership. I know the one here in Lincoln NE has the 2nd floor all decked out w/nostalgic HD machines (from snowmobiles to mini-bikes to choppers) and they might give you a good deal w/this rare bike. Also, another consideration is to go with what makes you happy. If wrenching & restoral are your thing - then start saving a few $$$ & get this sweet ride back to showroom condition. If you want a new bike to cruise around during those retirement years - then time to sell & I'm sure there are a few collectors out there who'd love taking this bike off your hands (i.e. Hobbit...Richard...;).

    Overall, it's your choice & go w/what makes you happy. Good Luck!
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    Slim Jim; Smitty covered it well. The right person is what you need to do both you and the bike justice. To find out what is a realistic price, try doing an advanced search on ebay. Enter year, model and check "completed listings". If that model has been on ebay for the last several months, you can see what it did or did not sell for. Unfortunately, Cycle Trader and other sites only show what the asking price was, we know a lot don't get what they ask.
    Maybe you could make RichardS a proposal, he only has 3 bikes too many right now.:small3d036:
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    It's a Harley with a sportster front end. Either ride the bike and brag about what it is and it's uniqueness to anyone that's interested and just enjoy it! Or, if you're concerned about it's history put it on ebay, hype up the history and value with a set reserve of what you want out of it to get the bike you really want out there to replace it! No quandry.. Good luck.
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    Nothing like a "glass is half empty" attitude! They changed my retirement rules recently so that I'll have to work until I'm 65. 57 doesn't sound so old at all to me!

    As to the original question - I agree with the person who stated that the main thing to consider is whether you derive lots of pleasure from working on bikes or do you just like to ride?
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    Hey all I meant was if you don't want to waste a full season for a project then DON'T.

    You couldn't buy a riding season off me for 20 grand. And I'm 46.

    And my glass is plenty full thanks.