What new tire to buy

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by franka, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. franka

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    Awhile back there was a survey on which tire brands were preferred my HDTalking members, tried to find it in self-help with no luck, anyone know where it is?
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  3. franka

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    Thank you!
  4. BlaineG

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    Honestly, I swear, I've never had a Dunlop that didnt' lose traction and almost kill me, including the orginial Dunlaps on my Ultra Classic. I bet they last real good, because the rubber is hard (ergo does not grip as well)
  5. texas tom

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    Thats the whole quandrum with tires,do you want one that last or grip and not track rain grooves? I was ok with the dunlops but they seemed to start losing traction with quite a bit of tread left a tap of the rear brake would make the tire skid,ran metzs for a while but had some come apart on me after only 7K also the tire for the rear runs skinny looks like a pizza cutter,now running pirelli night dragons love the tires no complaints other than only getting 7 to 8K from the rear they have a shallow tread depth new .What to do what to do..Tom...
  6. dbmg

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    I can appreciate that the ride quality or wear factor of one brand versus another, but I agree 100% with BlaineG, I have been in some rain that I thought I was crazy for riding in and had no slippage or skidding what so ever from my OE Dunlops.
  7. glider

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    I likewise never had a problem with the OE Dunlops and would replace with the same as factory.
  8. fin_676

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    The OE dunlop tyres are an ok tyre in warm dry conditions and give good tyre life
    as i live in a cold and wet part of the world i like a tyre that is more suited to my road conditions and currently rum avon venom although i will not get as many miles as with dunlop tyres i feel i have better grip in cooler wetter conditions
    When i rode a more sporting motorcycle i would get 3500 miles from the rear and 7000 from the front but would get good grip in most conditions and even still be usable on snow and ice
    On my car i run winter tyres in the winter better grip in cold wet and on snow and ice and more fuel being used
    and change the wheels in spring for the summer tyres and get better fuel consumption and tyre wear
    only you will know what road conditions you will ride on and it is best to use a tyre that will give you the best compromise for your road conditions no tyre will give you good grip in all weathers and long tyre life

  9. gusotto

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    I need new tires (f/r) for my '07 Ultra.
    Have the Dunlop E3's but I want more sipes on the tire.
    Running Continental Milestones on my Sportster and I like them very well.
    Going to give them a try this year on the Ultra.
    Stock Dunlop came with 7/32" tread.
    The Continental had 9/32".
  10. TQuentin1

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    Let us know if you try the new Michelin Commander IIs. I have just put Pirelli Night Dragons on my '03 UC for the first time. Have run Dunlop D402s and Avon Venoms up to now. Avons are great. Dunlops scare me because I had the rear develop the crack in the water groove discussed elsewhere on this site.

    So we'll see how the Night Dragons do. I will try the Michelin or the Bridgestones (if they have one for this bike) after the Night Dragons.