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    What happened to my poll? All I asked was how optimistic are we. Just curious as to why it was removed as nobody said anything to me. If I crossed the line I am wondering how. Anyway no big deal. Just wondering why...:(

    B.23. No Politics Thread
    Politics or the discussion thereof is not allowed on the forum. We have tried a political forum here and it was removed. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    Account Removed. Posts cannot be removed.
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    Agreed....I watched (and voted) in the poll...I can see how it could have gotten out of hand, but I think the author of that thread did a great job of making sure all members knew what to say and what not to say.
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    09ultra I kinda miss your poll and also posted using icons and saw the threads removed because there were no comments. Come to find out it is okay to make a comment with substance and use the Smileys or graphics to lighten it.

    Please don't get mad, I am a moderator and also contributed rather than moderate and explain the reason...I am new and will do better. I feel the benefits this website has too offer far outweigh these one time incidents and minor (edits). You are okay in my book, and I hope you keep on keeping on, as I find your posts and insights to be informative and certainly entertaining.
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    Here's the answer right here. It's also in the rules about political posts too.

    If this is a thorn in your side about this one post, send me a PM and I'll remove you from the forum. I hate to see you go over such a small thing but it's your choice.
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    It is to a degree, however on a forum that is owned and operated by someone else, the topics are governed by the rules of the forum just like other rules you have in your life. Some like to test these rules from time to time and find out that the rules will survive every time. That's why they are called rules.

    Try breaking the rules of your country and see where it gets you.

    Would you go into someone elses home and put your muddy feet up on the fine furniture, I doubt it very much.
    Life has some rules that shouldn't have to be carved in stone and be presented to every visitor upon entry, it's called common sense which isn't so common for some people.

    Very simply put when you visit someplace that belongs to another person, you go by their rules or you leave.
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    Politics is Politics no matter how you cut the cake Gary. I sent you that PM yesterday which you didn't respond to about adding fuel to the fire. Obviously it meant nothing to you.

    Common people, can't we act just a little grown up here and not beat a subject to death when it happens?

    I put my time in here to help people out with their problems with their BIKES, not to be a referee about topics that are against the rules of the forum.
    We have removed quite a few members that seem to delight in "stirring the pot" when a controversial topic comes up and I for one get tired of wasting my time trying to explain the rules of the forum and that NO you can't bend them to suit your own needs, not even a little.

    Perhaps more vacations may be needed to calm things down a bit here. it seems to be the only thing that works at all.
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    Free speech is important but to a greater degree so is respect. That being said I think the original poster of this thread was acting with good intent but the rules are there for good reason.
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    it says here when in rome do as the romans do
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    One has the right to say whatever they want in this great country of ours, but no one is obligated to furnish the soap box from which you say it.

    Lets talk bikes:USA