what exhaust should i get

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by 712jared, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. 712jared

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    hi looking at putting a different pipes on my 2003 dyna superglide wondering whats a good one would like a louder one. so if other drivers dont see me they will at least hear me have had people pull out in front of me alot any replys will be appreciated thanks
  2. hogrotten

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    I'm gonna say get a good two into one, you wont be dissapointed.:D
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    hello, im new on here as well and i posted a similar question last week when i became a member but i have got no response,, in fact i couldnt even find my post any where but on my page.... dont know what im doing wrong!! . maybe im not the sharpest knife in the drawer,,, but come on it seemed pretty simple. anyway thanks to your question i got a lil help from Hogrotten thanks.. and if anyone knows why i cant get a my posts to post i would appreciate it....
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    Looking back through your history, there was no post about exhaust that you posted. Possibly forgot to hit send it after posting ?:34:
  5. walleye

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    I had a set of V&H 2-1 Pro Pipes. Loved the look and performance, but they were not what I call loud. I loved the sound, but I did not want extreme loud. I had them on a Deluxe and loved them. Now I have an Ultra and will go with Rinehart slip on's. The best way to find pipes you like is to go to a MC hangout and look and listen. This tip will save you cash and disappointment IMO. I myself am torn between Rineharts and V&H Monster ovals. Any opinion on this decision is welcome as well. I have heard them both and like the looks of the Monsters on a Ultra, but the sound seems a little mellow?? Right now I am shoipping for Rinehart Pipes.:D
  6. FatBobRob2009

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    I put Rush slip-on mufflers on my 2009 FXDF. Started with 2.0 inch baffles. They were PLENTY loud. In fact, too loud for me. Since Rush supports interchangeable baffles, I then ordered 1.50 baffles, stuck them in, and have been happy since. As you get used to them, they seem to get quieter (which is just in your mind -- in actuality, if they change at all, they get louder). I doubt I'd ever re-install the 2.0 inch baffles, but sometimes I wonder what the 1.75 inch would sound like. Either way, the performance improvement is undeniable. Very satisfying power boost, coupled with Stage 1 air upgrade and mapping download.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I liked Python 3's on my dyna. They were Very loud and good sounding with the baffels in...... and baffels Out , I could not take it...

    They are truly a beautiful exhaust and the chrome on them looked as good after over 8 years, as day one....I did buy the Full pipes not the slip-ons.. and also spent the extra $$ for the snake-skin shields.

    Just my way
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Cant go wrong with Pythons, unless you want loud and cheap then go with Cycle shack:)
  9. oldrider

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    I put Rush slip ons 1.75 on my 2010 Dyna Super Glide. Much louder than stock, but not obnoxious. Deep tone and when you get into it they really sound great.

    No need to change anything else, engine runs fine, maybe even a little more power.

    I put the baloney cut on mine, but I think I would go with the slash down the next time.
  10. Iceman24

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    Klock Werks & Rinehart Racing are a few of my fav's...;)