What are the best tires for my bike

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by lawsonjoe, Sep 29, 2009.

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    I have a 2006 Softail FXST standard with a 200 dunlop on the back, I am in dire need of some new tires front and back. My question is what tires are the best and what tires will look the same ( as in size on the bike).I still want the big tire look.
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    Personally I like the Dunlops they are soft and hold the road good only down fall is they dont last long
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    Go to the "self help tips" tab at the top L. of this page. There's everything you want to know about tires, including a tire survey. Your local independant shops and dealers prices and availability will vary a lot. If you order online your savings may be negated by what you are charged to mount the tire, (unless you do it yourself). Happy shopping:57:
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    Best tires for your bike is based on many factors, but it boils down to only two...use and personal choice. OEM Dunlops are preferred by many because frankly they have been married to HD for the past 20 years or so...and plenty of R&D has gone in to finding the right combo of mileage and performance for the HD high profile, heavy weight V-Twins.

    Some have found that though they have great mileage, they are not as "sticky" as they would like or just brand dissatisfaction or special needs warrant a change. Popular alternatives major brands include Avon, Metzler, Michelin and others but the actual line that separates them is very blurred and fairly narrow, perhaps the last 25% of a tires' overall appeal...performance, mileage, style or features...the greatest discision maker being the right wrist to brain connection, specific application and price.

    Happy hunting...and look in the Self Help and Search threads for specific info on your brand and get some background info on your tire selection.
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    thank you for you imput, I really like the look of the dunlop 200 so I think I will go back with that one
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    I have a 2000 FXST and I run Metzler 880 180/55/18 :naughty it works great for the type of conditions I ride in :s but it all depends on what you like :57: