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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by chief9042, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Well I just completed my Monster Oval, power dual, and TFI. What a pain in the back side. I should have paid the $250. It was a lot more work then I thought. All total, it took me about 7 hours over two days. I took off the old yesterday and put the new on today. I walked into my garage to find a puddle of oil under my bike. The directions said to leave the two bolts that hold the mounting bracket (bottom two of the tranny cover) loose untill you do a final fit. Well I didn't realize that I couldn't leave it loose over night. All of my tranny fluid leaked out. It was a real treat. I finished the pipe install. Then I installed the TFI and that was not to bad . I had to take the whole tank off to get the the FI's (it was easier for me). After I got everything back on the bike it would not start. So I called the tech at Dobeck(GREAT PEOPLE). We tried to trouble shoot the whole thing. He said to me "I don't want to insult you, but is your kill switch on the handle bar off". I thought about it long and hard and replied no. Then I thought about it some more and realized that I took the great advice of this site. I disconnected the fuel line because I did not want to break the fuel port (Which I recommend and could not believe how easy it was). However you must remember to hook it back up. LOL!!!!! Needless to say I DID NOT!!!!! After my stupidity, I hooked it back up and it ran like a champ. Well I guess you live and you learn. Actually I would do it again tomorrow. Because of this site it gave to the confidence to do it myself. THANK YOU HD TALKING COMMUNITY!!!!!!
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    Good job!!

    I admire you for posting your experiences,everybody has them. "It will be easy next time." That is what i tell my self, even though I know there will not be a next time for a long time, if ever.
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    Dig in and do it...Thats how we learn. Now think back on the job, I bet you could do it in half the time with no errors. You now have learned something about your ride. It just keeps getting better. Good for you.:s
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    Nice job, Well done!!!
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    Great job...I did mine last week. I removed my tank completely also. It just made things easier and gave me a learning experience too. I love getting out that service manual and tackling things like this. This is how we learn and we have a great support staff right here should things go arry.

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    Well, the key here is take "baby steps" and be a little patient with yourself being a newbie not familiar with a new process. Each experience will build on itself and oft times we are our "worst" critic. Soon you'll be "--like a pro" only being self taught with a knowledge bank resource just a few keystrokes away. Plenty of fellow riders here to help work you through. Congrats on a job well done...:D
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    Glad you got it done and that you did it yourself too. All it takes is the manual and some tools and you can do a lot of things if you just TRY.:D
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    Ridding,, doing things for yourself,, its 1/2 the fun, well maybe 1/5......
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    Congrats on the install! I'm really enjoying mine.

    I have to ask though, how did you lose all of your transmission fluid onto the floor? You mentioned loosening the lower bolts on the transmission cover. Why did you need to do that? I only removed the two header bracket bolts located below the transmission cover. This should not have caused any fluid to leak (unless I am missing something here).

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    what size type of tool or adapter do you use for the front exhaust port i'm going to change my head pipes too and the very front exhaust stud looks like it will be a pain to get too.:small3d012: