weird turn signal problem

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by bassman61, Apr 20, 2010.

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    OK, this is strange.....a couple of days ago, I noticed my right turn signals were not working, front or back, plus the indicator on the dash was not working either. Later that day, I tried again, and lo and worked fine, like nothing was wrong! (front, back, and dash indicator)...Since then, I have had this "on and off" problem (literally)......someone suggested it might have a dirty contact, but the turn signal assembly is sealed, so I don't know how to go about fixing this myself, I'm definitely NOT a mechanic!!!

    All of this time, the left signals have worked just fine. Nothing wrong there.

    Any thoughts??
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Try cleaning the sockets and apply some dilectric grease in the sockets first, has the bike been wet or sitting for a long time ?
  3. opaka lips

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    Greetings bassman61,

    Actually, the problems, such as you have described, are not strange at all.
    If I were to troubleshoot your turn signal problem I would do the following to try and determine the cause:

    (1) Right turn signal switch. Make sure you've got 12vdc going to the TSM (from the switch) when you activate the right turn signal switch. Keep in mind that the contacts in this switch could be faulty and may be the cause of your intermittent problem.
    (2) Trace and inspect the wiring from the right turn signal switch to the TSM, and from the TSM to the Rt turn signal bulbs. Pay attention to, and clean the contacts on, any connectors you find. Operate the TSM "manually" by supplying 12vdc to the Rt turn input pin on the TSM.

    (3) Remember, It's is also possible for the sealed TSM to be faulty and only malfunction

    I hope this helps you find that bug.
    Cheers & beers.
  4. bassman61

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    thanks I'll check that out......
  5. flyte150

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    I have the same problem that you discribed. I changed out the handle bar switches. It did not cure the problem. I am interested in what you found working on your bike?