Was there ever a faster stock bike?

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    harley-davidson-xr-1000-08.jpg This was HD answer, not a good seller tho
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    This is my choice stock out of the box:
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    I had a 1975 Z1B. It was rated world fasted 3 years running.
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    Absolutely there was. And is!

    But none would be half as threatening to ride.
    These were evil beasts that had one thing on their mind.And one thing only. How to put the rider in over his head.
    And quite frequently over the back wheel as well.
    They didn't handle very well. Didn't stop very well. Didn't sip fuel daintily. Didn't care too much for the environment.
    But boy, in the context of the late 60s and early 70s, they went like stink!
    I think they were supposed to make around 74 HP, which is nothing by today's standards, but mind blowing way back when.
    Long may they reign in peoples' minds!
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    Make Model

    Harley Davidson XR 1000


    Air cooled, four stroke, 45° V-Twin, OHV, 2 valves per cylinder.

    Bore x Stroke 81 x 96.8 mm
    Compression Ratio 9.0;1

    2X 36mm Dell'Orto
    Ignition / Starting

    Electronic / electric
    Clutch Multiplate, dry
    Max Power

    70 hp 52.6 kW @ 5600 rpm
    Max Torque

    48 lb/ft @ 4400 rpm
    Transmission / Drive

    4 Speed / chain
    Front Suspension

    Telescopic forks, 175mm wheel travel
    Rear Suspension

    Swing arm, 100mm wheel travel
    Front Brakes

    2X 290mm discs
    Rear Brakes

    Single 290mm disc
    Front Tyre

    100/90 V19
    Rear Tyre

    130/90 V16
    Seat Height 736mm (29in)
    Wet Weight

    221kg / 4871b

    Fuel Capacity

    Consumption Average

    46 mpg
    Standing ¼ Mile

    12.8 sec / 101 mph
    Top Speed

    115 mph Jerry Branch upped it to 90 with some head work, but it never caught on as a street bike so they dropped it and continued to dominate the dirt track with its little brother the 750 version it had a wierd valve adjustment Harley-Davidson-XR750-1.jpg
    If you look at the rs top of the heads you will se the ports where you made the adjustments
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    The 750 triple Kaw was 12.28 1/4 mile speed,faster than the 903 Z1,be it only by a fraction.And faster than this HD.I should mention I was looking at bikes of the 70's.But if this HD is from 87 it still hadn't caught the Kaw.Biggest disadvantage of the Kaw,as mentioned,was that it was only good for straight lines.I know later bikes in the 80's and after did go quicker.The thing that blew my mind was that right out of the showroom,with no add ons or additional work,the Kaw could crack near 12 seconds.
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    I remember waiting for "Cycle" magazine every month...I was about 14 and just would see them sometimes on the road, ported with chambers. Good lord!!!
    Yeh straight line as they would not stop or corner very well but nothing could catch them. Good thing I was a bit too young.
    My other favorite was the Norton Commando. Still one of the best-looking bikes I have ever seen.
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