Warning! Rear Braking Pad dislodging from caliper due to wear

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Marcelo Knust, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Marcelo Knust

    Marcelo Knust New Member

    Dear friends,

    Not sure what happened to my post. Anyway I decided to post again.

    Just wanted to share with you the scary experience I had this morning.

    My outer rear brake pad simply dislodged from caliper slot during the ride, hanging just from the tab pin. No rear brakes at all.

    The friction material was with 2mm thickness, after 6.250 miles.

    My question is: is it normal or something that we should expect that a pad can dislodge from caliber slot because the friction material worn to a critical thickness? Have you ever heard about this?

    I have never experienced such a thing with any automotive braking system!!!

    Whatever the explanation, it seems to be a design problem...

    Many thanks

    Marcelo Knust
    Dyna FXDC 2008 - 6.250 miles.
    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  2. rancid

    rancid Active Member

    havent seen this but by the book the pads are still within spec, 1mm is the wear limit
  3. Marcelo Knust

    Marcelo Knust New Member

    Hello guys

    This weekend I went to a HD dealer and the mystery was solved. The outer rear brake pad dislodged from the caliper tab slot because there was a misalignment in the rear wheel. The rear wheel has been mounted at factory with an offset to the left, causing an excessive gap between the caliper and the disk and the brake pad found its way to escape the tab, even with 2mm thickness of friction material left.

    Thank you.