WARNING>>>Heads up on Front Bearings

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Slapp, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Just a HEADS UP on Front Bearings

    The Lovely Mrs. Slapp and I were heading to Daytona for Bike week, her on her Heritage and I on the Electra Glide we stopped for some breakfast along the way, as we were pulling out I noticed her front wheel was making a grinding noise. Not bad just a little weird. Long story short by the time we got Rossmeyer HD it was getting worse. Pulled into the shop there and low and behold the front wheel bearings were bad.
    The attendant there slipped and said the newer bikes (The Heritage is a 2011)where having a problem with the front bearings. The bike was under warranty and all work was covered at no cost to me except a day of riding. However; this bike only has about 4000 miles on it. So heads up and keep an eye on your front wheel bearings and above all BE SAFE and enjoy.
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    Re: Just a HEADS UP on Front Bearings

    Wow...good to know. Guess another "made in China" cost-saving part gone wrong for HD...:s

    Glad you caught it early & enjoy bike week!
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    Re: Just a HEADS UP on Front Bearings

    The spokes coming loose for no apparent reason and now the wheel bearings.
    I sure would contact the MOCO and let them know about your experience both with the wheel bearings and how if it was a good experience with dealer... I am just saying cause this is a serious concern...:s
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    Re: Just a HEADS UP on Front Bearings

    Good to know for me, for an additional reason. HD approached our bearing company about making wheel bearings (made in America) for them. Apparently, we could not compete with China on pricing. Maybe we might see them as a customer in the future.
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    Re: Just a HEADS UP on Front Bearings

    What in the world is wrong with HD? the 09 Ultras (like mine) also has a history with bearing going south. You would think they could get something this important (to the riders life) right, especially after already having trouble in recent history. They need to wake up before a rider wakes up in the morgue over this, if it has not already happened. :wall
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    Re: Just a HEADS UP on Front Bearings

    These NEW and improved sealed bearings were supposed to be the answer, tho it is easier for the MOCO to set the wheels up @ the factory, they have gone cheap on the bearings, blaming rider error as the biggest problem here saying we wash the wheels with HIGH pressure causing bearing failure when I first read that I said REALLY HMMM I ride in the rain alot here in Florida so they better have a New and improved answer soon
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    Mrs. Slapp's 2011 Heritage with just under 4000 miles on it...We were on our way to Daytona for Bike Week and she started hearing a funny noise in the front end. We made it to Destination Daytona Harley Davidson and put the bike in the shop there to see what was up (under warrenty still). After a couple hours we get a call to pick bike up, turns out the front wheel bearings were shot. The tech said my wifes bike was about 10th one he has seen in the past couple weeks for this problem, said apparently their is a number of bikes out there with bad wheel bearings mostly Heritages and some other touring bikes.
    If you hear a wierd noise get it checked and get it checked soon.
    Be safe and have fun.
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    That information Deserved a bigger warning...:D

    Thanks Slapp... This type of information Really HELPS another fellow Biker.

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    Do you know what size bearings are in that model? Are they 1" ID or 25mm?

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    Sorry TQuentin1 but I do not know the size at the moment, I can measure and let you know later.