VRSCF 2011 getting over heated

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    Hello Guys,

    i have installed the GEN 3 on my Vrod Muscle 2011, i need to adjust it but whenever i try to do so i find the 8 pots blinking and sometimes stops on 1 and when i click Menu do nothing .. any idea ...!!?

    plus i can see that my bike consume lots of gas my GEN adjustment now is

    Green , 2.5
    Yellow . 6.5
    Red . 4.5
    GB: 0.5
    YB: 3.5
    RB. 3.5

    any idea what is the best adjustment for medium High performance :newsmile08:

    and i feel that my bike is getting over heated is that normal ... :bigsmiley33:

    hello Guys

    i have a VROD Muscle with GEN 3 installed and Tab Performance pips plus K7N filter ,

    i have noticed the bike getting over heated and consuming lots of gas ..

    any idea how to solve this issue ..

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  2. dbmg

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    How are you able to tell it is overheating. If fan running longer than normal or not at all. And is Gen 3 set to spec per mods???
    A call to Dobeck maybe in order for assistance....
  3. Daly

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    just feeling the heat coming out while im in traffic , plus there is a yellow water comes out from the left side .. is that normal ...
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