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Discussion in 'VRSC Models' started by andrewb, Dec 12, 2008.

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    I've done 2,500 km's on my Night Rod Special and the 240mm rear tyre is starting to show signs of wear in the centre. No complaints as I am a little adicted to making black lines out of corners. The question is what tyre should I put on it next. The factory Dunlop has handled everything that I have thrown at it so far and I'm guessing I'll get about 4,000 km's out of it. Should I go to a HD dealer and go original again or is there a better alternative out there? Cost is not really a factor nor is wet weather performance. AB

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    i have read on the 1130cc website of people running a 260 rear but only a metzeler will fit no other 260 might be worth looking into.
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    I like the Avon's myself (better mileage)