Vivid Black Inner Fairing

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by peddler, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. peddler

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    I like the painted inner fairing idea. Have seen a lot of good painted inner fairings for many different color motorcycles. My question is has anyone painted the inner fairing on a Vivid Black Ultra. How does the black on black paint job look? Has anyone experimented painting a Vivid Black Ultra inner fairing a different color?? Pictures???
  2. DadzLowrider

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    Looked at my buddies vivid black today with painted inner fairing and cap, looked great. He also blacked out the forks, shifter linkage, gas cap, controls etc. Very sharp and stealth looking.
  3. hawgazam

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    i took the whole fairing apart , which youd have to do anyway, cleaned it very very well , lightly scuffed with fine scotch brite cleaned some more , even used a tach cloth . Spraybombed with duplicolor . I just took my time light coats etc. Looks pretty good to me ,and gets complemented alot . Most people if not all think its factory. I am pleased withit .its going on 3 years old and still looks pretty fresh. Effort wasnt that bad ,like i said you would have to pull it apart anyhow. Im just guessing ,imay have 25 or 30 bucks in it. Deffinetly a huge savings over factory. I also put all the chrome bezels and even the dash pad on. I really like the look. Would send pics , but dont know enough bout computers , lucky i can do what i m doin now ......................... Any way , if you try it and dont like it you arent out a whole lot. Just an idea . I think it gives a finished look to boot. Good luck. Only thing worse than failing is not trying attall.