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  1. 09RG/92spster

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    I have a lot of old vinyl records that I would like to put on my PC and then on to CDs. The only equipment that I have is a boom box so I am kind of illiterate in this area. What do I need to do this? I have read some on the subject and know that I need a turntable. Thinking of an Audio Technica AT LP120 with an upgraded stylus and Audacity software. And then an AV cable to hook it to the PC sound card? Is this right or am I lost?

    Or do you even need special equipment other that a stereo system that will play the record and AV cables to go to the PC?

    Thanks for any help,
  2. Gas Gauge

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    you can buy a turntable that does the conversion for you relatively cheap ($150 range)
  3. 09RG/92spster

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    I have read about those cheap units. USB connectors I believe. What I have read is that the stylus is bottom of the line and you get a lot of noise as well as wear on your vinyl. Also the USB connection over the AV cable produces additional noise. Have you used one of them? I think ION makes a few models under $200.
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    I have a USB turntable that lets me connect directly to the pc and in the past i had a cable that connected from the hi line out to the pc line in and i used easy cd creator pro to capture the music
    but i have not done any of that for a while
    you will need some sort of software on the pc to record the music to the type of file you want to create

  5. Gas Gauge

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    I have not used one, but you can investigate and find one with a decent stylus (Radio Shack makes a decent one).

    I have a great B&O turntable and all of my old vinyl from the late 60's through the early 80's, and still enjoy giving them a spin every once in a while.

    I have bought nearly every CD I wanted when they became popular and enjoyed the clarity and convenience of that medium while it lasted. I still purchase some at garage sales.

    Now I have burned every CD to digital format and bought my daughters old ipod, nothing beats it and hooks up to the HK stereo through the input jack.

    Just something about the old vinyls I'm not willing to part with, kids will probably bury them with me to get rid of them!
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    If anybody collects 45's, I have about 150 in original jackets that I'm looking to relocate. They are from the 80's era.

    Let me know.:s
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    Your good to go with that.
    Check out these sites for more detail.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    I have an ION usb set up that has a real good software program very user friendly:s
  10. Webbtron

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    I too have an ION that I bought at Radio Shack ($80) but I saw the same thing for ½ price at Khols just before Christmas. Never would have thought to look at Khols. Good enough for us sounds great off the ipod through the car speakers. You get the software off their web site and go to it. I can tell you that is takes forever so beware it takes a while. I think I did almost 5 gig last winter. Already started playing my 450 Christmas songs.