Very Bad Seat Tabs

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Slapp, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Slapp

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    Not sure if warranty covers this or not! Bought the wife a 2011 Heritage Classic right about a year ago and had the reach seat installed on it at purchase. The other day we went for a ride and I noticed the seat was not installed correctly? I undid the seat screw on the fender and re-installed the seat properly. I grabbed the front of the seat to ensure it was on correctly and the tab up front popped right out of place where it hooks into the frame. After carefully surveying the problem I decided to have a friend at work make a new rear tab for me a little longer than stock (push the seat forward some). This works…but the slightest amount of weight put on the seat disengages the front tab. Because of this the bottom of the seat now has little tears in it. At this point the only other thing to do is drill out the front tab, make it longer and rivet it back in place.
    What do you all think?
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Bumper to bumper warranty for 2 years, I had a seat problem on my 97 FLHT No problem replacing it twice:s
  3. wilks3

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    I hope they will fix it after it was modified.
  4. bcortani

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    Just tell them the truth and explain the mod was to keep your wife safely on the seat for the duration of a trip and you did not want her to wreck, thus causing a huge lawsuit against them for faulty install...:newsmile037:
  5. Slapp

    Slapp Junior Member

    The mod is not permanent since the rear tab is held in place by two small bolts. Just a matter of unscrewing the bolts and putting original tab back on!
  6. glider

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    I would go back to the dealer with the problem and explain that you had to make the "fix" when on vacation with the bike and your wife almost lost control of the bike when the seat disconnected.:s

    Don't settle for anything else but a replacement or refund.
  7. Slapp

    Slapp Junior Member

    Talked to the dealer by phone on Saturday and the they said bring the seat back and they will have a check ready for a full refund plus tax. What stinks is I still had to turn around and purchase another seat for the bike. I ended up purchasing a signature series seat with the built in backrest.
    I hope this is the last of these problems.