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    I have a 2 into 1 Vance & Hines exhaust system on my 2011, 103 engine and was wondering if it will any harm to remove the baffles in this exhaust. I removed the baffle for a minute and love the roar it makes, but don't want to do any engine damage from a possible lack of back pressure? Will there be any problems with doing this?
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    Ok...OK... after reading some tech help pages, I realize my question was a bonehead. The "harley exhaust" page had the answer. I'm sorry to have taken your time to read this ignorant question. The baffle will stay in the exhaust. DANG....I really loved that grumble/roar. Please forgive this newbie. I guess this question had "rookie" all over it.
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    On this site we treat all questions as needing answers the only stupid questions are the ones in your head that you didn't ask
    You will not be ridiculed or abused by other members for asking a simple question
    There is a lot of information in the self help section and it can be difficult to find the answer to your question but some members will be able to provide a link to a possible answer fairly quickly

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    Welcome to The Forum, good you found your answer already, there are NO stupid or Rookie questions here, we all learn by asking and sharing:s
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