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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by scarps180, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. scarps180

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    I have just purchased my first Harley, a 2010 Ultra Classic. I have 20 plus years riding experience. I cannot decide if I should purchase the 7 year extended warranty or the maintenace package being offered by the dealer. The package is for 1000/2500/5000,7500,10000 mile maintenance. It seems excessive. Thanks
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    The extended warranty I believe is a good insurance policy, but read it carefully to make sure it does not have any significant exclusions. As long as it protects you from any MAJOR failures and does not prohibit you from any normal mods, then it is a good idea. Now that assumes you are not immediately gonna rip into the engine and sup it up, which would probably be in the exceptions listing.

    The maintenance package is NOT valuable to me since I do ALL my own maintenance with the fluids I choose. Your call if you want the maintenance done by others (usually trainees) using the HD fluids they think should be used.

    If you decide you are gonna do your own maintenance, get the Factory Service Manual covering your model and year.

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    Scarps180...I see you are from the Chicago area...just wondering what Dealer you purchased far as the service plan or warranty...If you are the kind of guy that likes to tinker around and get your hands a little dirty I would say buy yourself a service manual from the dealer get a quality lift a good set of torx's head sockets and really get to know your bike...the basic maintenance is pretty straightforward and that's one of the great thinks about a Harley,with the manual and the self help section on this forum.. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work on them...enjoy and ride safe
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    Agree with TQ here I live by the ESP I ride every day, dont even consider a maint. plan A manual and good tools and you are there, Jack
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    Welcome scarps180, I would go for the ESP plan with the tire coverage, it covers everything that came stock on the bike and any accessories that you add within the first 60 days of when you sign the papers, your dealership adds (make sure they add them) the parts you buy on to your SWR and Harley covers those parts with the 24 month warranty and ESP has to cover them if there listed on your SWR for the term of their policy. The only parts that can't be listed are off road use only parts. Stage 1 parts can be. The maintenace package locks you onto there service department, if your not happy with them, all well they have your money. Also Harley's done away with 2,500 & 7,500 mile services, it is excessive, that tells me a little about your dealer, buy and read you service manual, Harley felt it was over kill but dealers still like to push the extra services for profits$$$$, you'll be suprized how much they can find you need at those extra services. Also on the ESP tire plan if your tire is at 3/32'' or less they will not cover it and they don't cover drive belts ether. Enjoy your new ride!
  6. scarps180

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    Thanks for the info. I bought it at City Limits Harley who apparently own Wild Fire in Villa Park.
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    Welcome Scarps180 and I believe TQuentin1 has you covered.
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    I have the ESP with tire/wheel coverage on both bikes. On the Ultra, the GPS cradle was replaced, and have had a wheel and 2 tires replaced on the Dyna. Worth the money and peace of mind IMO.
  9. larryjmiller

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    I also have the ESP w/tire coverage. Picked up a nail in front tire & dlr. fixed at no charge. I bought the manual, torx, 12 pt. socket (calipers) and I do the in between maintenance and let thd dlr. do some to maintain "cuts into the line" donuts helps too. All for peace of mind, HD parts are $$$$$. You will really enjoy your new toy! Let us know how you like the UC. I'm about to fall off the edge again and may buy a Limited...
  10. Iceman24

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    Guess I'll play the opposite hand - never buy extended plans (JMO), but here's why:

    - Most major failures happen during initial warranty coverage
    - Not worth cost/benefit ratio (pkg. $pendier than after-warranty fix)
    - HD's rep is good - your bike should be quality

    I'm sure there are more reasons, but I'm at work so not enough time to research...back to the grind.:p