VA State Inspection Sticker Plate Placement

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  1. I just purchased a 2008 Heritage Softail and I live in VA. Does any one know what the VA law says about inspection sticker placement on a bike? The internet seems to give conflicting answers. I have purchased a chrome plate for the inspection sticker but am not sure where I want/need to install it. Does anyone have any ideas? Does anyone have any pictures of possible locations?
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    this is where mine is on my deluxe, I live in williamsburg va

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    State Inspection Sticker ?? you need this in VA? I never heard of such a thing for a cycle. I heard in CA 2012 we might have Smog checks for motorcycles, but I'v haven't heard of any state inspection stickers, maybe it's the same thing.
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    Yes Va. has an inspection for bikes, basically, lights,tires,brake pads,exaust leaks, etc., as for loudness of the pipes, thats up to the officer who pulls you over and then the judge thats hears the "evidence" in court. As long as you have baffels and behave yourself generally not to much of an issue.....not sure about Northern Va. (around DC) I know they have emmisissions test for cars/trucks, don't know if it applies to bikes....yet....
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    new york also had state inspection of bike, horn,lights,tires, etc..
    Also it is not permitted to put your inspection sticker on a removable plate like yours, as they think you can move this plate with the inspection sticker to any other bike and bypass the inspection process. However if the sticker is installed in a way that the sticker will be destroyed when you move the plate then its ok. to put it on the plate you mention. it's another big brother keeping control and generating $$$$$$$$ for them :bigsmiley22: