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    Like most "old-schooler" riders, I remember having second thoughts about what the Company was thinking when they introduced the VRSC.

    I first started riding when I'd "borrow" my uncle's motorcycle when he was out-of town for extended periods-of-time back in the mid-70's, and fell in love with the sport. I bought my first new sportster in 1980 and would never have imagined a model like the V Rod being made. Many of the long term HD riders still have no idea of how this bike handles on the road, the gearing of the Revolution motor or that it's included in the cruiser-class. Taking this bike out for a test-ride is FREE at the local HD Dealership, yet rarely does the "old-schooler" take advantage of this offer.

    In mid-February I did. But before taking out the V-Rod, I took out a 2011 Super Glide, because I've admired them for years but what a disappointment compared to my preconceived notion of what it would be. Besides, I preferred a bigger motor. I remember my new Fatbob from years back and loved that bike, but had that during my 20's. The day I got it home from the dealership my buddy held the bike while I sledge-hammered the baffles out of the pipes with a weight-lifting bar. Flames shot two-feet from them when riding it hard and the bike went-on to beat the track-speed record in the stock class at the Daytona Speedway in '82'.

    The night between these two test rides had me reconsidering what I really wanted in a motorcycle, and none of the new model bikes from the showroom floor stood out in my mind. Taking the V Rod out for the test ride was doing what I do best, going against the majority opinion, even against my own in this particular instance. This bike re-introduced me to the riding experience in a way that I can't remember having since my first motorcycle ride, and I barely slept that night from wanting to get right-back on it.

    Maybe the overall design of the V Rod reminds people of a 'Sport-bike' and the sound unfamiliar when compared with the push-rod motor. (IMHO) In today's market, the V Rod exceeds all competition designs, and is rightfully boasted this way. My Night Rod Special currently has under 800 miles on it, and I haven't been this excited about a motorcycle in 30 years.

    I'll be leaving the Philly area for the Grand Canyon in Mid-May and can't wait to hit those roads. Yesterday while out riding I wound up on a beautiful stretch of roadway and opened up the bike a little. I backed-off of the throttle when I hit 120+ miles-per-hour while still in third-gear. Why would I feel the need to explain to anyone why I choose this bike? If you consider yourself an HD fan, extend your respect for this model...nothing on the showroom floor compares.

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    I do not think you need to explain anything. You chose what you like and what the bike had to offer. For those that do not understand and need some explaining, let them know that if Harley did not sell the V-Rod you would not be supporting the Harley name and tradition and all the wonderful goodies that are available to all Harley's. Then if that does not work challenge them to a drag race or ask them to try to catch you in the curves, then they will understand......
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    I have always liked the V-Rod. It was my first choice of bikes actually, but, after talking to a couple of Honest salesmen, yes, you read that correctly. They actually told me that the V-Rod handles great at 130 mph, but at 30 mph, it was a bit 'unruly' so to speak. Since it was going to be my first bike, I thought I should maybe get something a little more forgiving.....here comes the deuce. Much better handling at 30mph. :D

    LOL, I described my appeal of the V-Rod to some traditional friends as a bike that you can look at and know immediately that it was a Harley with a touch of attitude.

    But seriously, the deuce talked to me, at the time, the V-Rod didn't. I like them, you don't have to explain anything. :)
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    You and my son would get along perfectly.
    He bought his V-Rod last year, has done a bunch of mods on it and absolutely loves that bike.
    I have ridden it, and since I am older it really doesn't fit me but I can understand his feelings.
    It sounds good with the V&H pipes, it is just faster than heck and it looks good.
    Me? I follow behind on my docile but comfortable Heritage.:D
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    Tbone has you coverd and hit the nail on the head , on the mods that need to be done , as all HDs need upgrades , Joyflyn is rite about a stock Vrod 30 mph cruise down in the low rpm range ,but a good tuner and exhaust mod will smooth out that issue with erratic low rpm range . again its a EPA A/F ratio thing. You can go top of the line Mods like Tbone with the Air suspension, and run turbo 150-160 HP or you can do lesser upgrades I have a 08 dx with progressive springs up front and 440IAS in the rear , and just finished a SE pro stage2 cam kit , very pleased with these Mods as far as increased performance in HP and tq the handling and ride is very nice ,The Vrod is a Great bike that you can mod for your needs wether touring or performance and best of all they are very reliable ,just take a look at your local Dealers service department and ask how many Vrods they had in the last 6 months in for repair. Odds are 0 zip nada.
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    Still not sure It has not spoke to me yet. I know this sounds GOOFY but bikes do talk to me before I buy them. Maybe one day:s
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    I know EXACTLY what you mean Jack. :D
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    So I am not GOOFY HUH, Do you hear the voices TOO? Maybe its the GREEN KOOL- AID, Nah all the bikes I have owned have spoke to me whether it is in my head or not I dont know but a bike purchase is a big step and it has to be right :s
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    Jack, I will tell you the same thing I tell the grandson, 'It's okay to be GOOFY, eventually you will get used to it and it won't be so bad'.
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Thats pretty good I will have to use that on my GREAT GRAND SON when I see him in AUGUST:s