V&H Big radius 2 into 2...?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by JKT1969, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. JKT1969

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    09 Street Glide and I really like the way the Black Big Radius 2 into 2 pipes look and change the looks of the bike overall. Just how loud are these pipes? I want a deep tone, but I don't want something way loud.

    If I go that route, can I keep my stock air filter? I know I will need to get the TFI or V&H Fuel Pack.

    Looking forward to this....
  2. glider

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    The newer bikes will adjust to a degree to the slip ons but if you change the intake, then they adjust to a very lean setting and added fuel will definitely help it to run better.
  3. JKT1969

    JKT1969 Active Member

    I believe the big radius 2 into 2 is a true dual exhaust system and not slip ons.
    Here is a link to them. This is basically my bike in the picture.

    Vance Hines: Performance Exhaust Systems

    How much louder do you think these are over the monster ovals? Like I said, I don't want loud, but love the looks of these.
  4. glens

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    Haven't a clue about the sound level/quality comparison. Don't they have sound bites on their site? They sure look sexy as all get out.

    When you change exhaust system types (like you're contemplating) you really will benefit from changing the fueling curves to match the parts. They will be substantially different from stock and even if your adaptive fueling were fine-grained enough to get the fueling curves shaped the best they can be, you'll certainly be running out of valuable "headroom" at various places in the system.

    Spark timing changes will likely be beneficial, as well, and even if you go with a piggyback fueler which can make them, you'll be messing with your stock "Ion Sensing" if you use one.

    TTS - MasterTune EFI Programming Software (should be the first money spent on any new Harley!)
  5. Iceman24

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    I had the V&H Short Shots on my 05 Sportster (similar pipe/system) & they were fairly loud. You might have problems hearing the tunes. If you don't like loud - best to go with an exhaust that exits out the back. Definitely search for a sound bite.
  6. JKT1969

    JKT1969 Active Member

    Thanks for the help. V&H doesn't have sound clips on their site, so I searched YouTube, it's hard to tell how loud they really are.
  7. Lancer

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    While I have not heard these specific pipes, all other V&H Big Radius pipes I have heard are LOUD! Make the Monster Ovals sound like a little scooter. I would definitely go to bike night somewhere and look and see if you can't find a set to listen to.
  8. JKT1969

    JKT1969 Active Member

    Heading to the Harley dealer today to check it out. Definitely want to hear pipes in person.
  9. SixPak

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    I've got an 07 softail with V&H big radius 2 into 2 with a screaming eagle heavy breather. The pipes are Really Loud. I love the sound of em. if you get them your neighbors will here you coming from a long way out.
  10. GILLY 68

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    They will be very loud. My friend has them and I stay on his left side too loud for me. Bad choice if you still want to listen to the tunes.