using cigarette lighter for charging gps

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by chipguy1, Jan 31, 2012.

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    I have an 05 ultra. I see that some members use the cig. lighter to power their gps. I also see a warning that we should make sure that the plug does not hit the gas tank on a full turn. Could somebody who uses this method advise me about which plug they use and where they got it?
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    Tom; I use a Garmin GPS on my Electra Glide. The Garmin power plug will contact the tank at full left lock unless you have it turned to just exactly the correct angle. You can lean forward and look straight down to find the angle. Admittedly, it does not hit hard, but I decided not to take a chance. I got a dual 12v outlet at OReilly's auto parts ($8) and cut one outlet off. The part that plugs in is shorter, and can't hit the tank. It makes a bit of an unsightly mess with everything coiled on the left bar, but my wife also uses the GPS in her car, and I can't cut the cord. Next time I have the tank off, I'm going to hard wire the new 12 v receptacle to the battery and mount the receptacle to the Left front tank mount.
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    My opinion is that all electronic components plugs are not equal in the size of a lighter socket hence the power point sockets in most vehicles. So if what Breeze3at has recommended will work for you I would do it. Otherwise just plugging GPS into lighter socket there is the risk of blowing fuse and I am not sure by blowing that fuse what other components would stop working from blown fuse......

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    Since my TomTom GPS uses a USB2 small end, I used a 12VDC plug that has a USB port at an angle on it...I found a short USB std to USB2 cord/plug assy and it fit perfectly (my 12V ACC receptacle has Battery Tender dongle connected directly to the battery, mounted vertical so even with bar turned lock to lock there is no interference. :)

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    thanks for your replies. spring is a long way off for me and it gives me plenty of time to think about a solution. it seems to me that hardwiring to battery is best solution.
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    Not a good idea to hard wire to the battery as most modern gps systems are designed to run on 5 volts which is the voltage supplied by a usb port on a computer
    Voltage reduction is taken care of by the charger unit that is inserted into the vehicle cigarette lighter or power socket
    what i like to use in the car is a usb charger and a straight cable i do not like the recoil cables that are fitted to all car chargers
    here is the sort of usb charger i use however due to the small size and the fact that i have them in use most of the time they die from time to time so i always keep a spare close by
    Belkin Micro USB CLA Battery charger - car

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    Excellent tip there Brian! Thanks

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    Here's a handy little item for anyone that does not have a female 12 volt outlet, just plugs into your battery tender leed that's already hooked to your battery and has a long enough cord so you can charge your cell phone in a saddlebag or what ever/where ever. There only $9.95 from your local Custom Chrome Dealer, I couldn't build one that cheap. Have sold quite a few of them and no complaints from anyone that's use them.
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    You can now buy a cigarette- lighter/USB charge device for about 10$ in most any truck stop,Radio Shack etc., very short almost flush with the lighter socket, with a standard USB out put port at 5vdc.
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    I had the same trouble with my gps plug hitting the tank at full left turn. I was also agrivated that the screen was 'whitewashed'. Meaning I could barley make out the screen in full sunlight.