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    We're looking for ideas for overnight or day trips here in upstate NY. Looking for the less traveled routes featuring interesting sites, events and scenery. We prefer to NOT travel interstates or the metropolitan areas. I have always been amazed at the things that we've overlooked here in our home state. Any ideas or suggested would be appreciated! This is our second season of enjoying the bike, the freedom and the wonderful fellowship that owning the bike has afforded us. We just want to add pages to our memories!

    Thanks for reading, and any comments are welcome. Ride safe, my friends! :small3d026: Looking forward to the summer cruisin' weather!

    PS... Low budget is great, we're not into flashin' cash! *LOL*
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    You could ride rt 104 the whole way across the top of the state. Ride Safe Doug
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    finger lake region
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    Try Motorcycle Roads & Trips - The Best US Motorcycle Rides & Routes and click on NY. It shows a lot of rides.
    Or do as I do, ride on Rt 5 & 20 and pick any road and find out where it goes.
    Geneva HD has a free map that shows rides that thier HOG members put together.
    Also the NY state HOG rally is in Geneva July 7,8, and 9th.
    A lot of people will be promoting thier rides at the Syracuse Superswap meet Feb. 12 & 13th.
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    Buy a "Delorme Atlas & Gazatteer" for NY. About $20. Each page shows about 40miles x 30 miles of the state. Every road you would want to ride your bike on will be shown, along with parks, etc. I get as much enjoyment from planning my trips using this book as riding them (ok, almost as much).
    I'm from the south, but have ridden many miles through the Adarondacks and central NY. It is a beautiful state.
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    Thanks to those that have replied to my request. It is funny how I was stumped for ideas about my home state! Now I have some good ideas and will be working them out, checking with GOOGLE MAPS and looking at the milages and times between points. I think what I will do is compile an actual folder of prospective rides with cover sheets listing such pertinent info. At any given time, we can pull the file and if we have just a day to kill but want to see something of interest, or want a great meal, or ??? we can narrow it down quickly and be ready to ride!

    Or, MAYBE..... *LOL* ...we'll start by flipping a coin :heads is turn left, tails is turn right! That works too because every ride is an adventure in freedom!

    Keep the ideas coming! I enjoy each and every one!

    The AMERICADE is a local run for us and highly recomended. The region is spectacular and so much to see and do. I especially like going up there during the week as the congestion in minimal. *LOL* Years ago, my GF and I rode up and down the strip and back streets for over an hour looking for a parking place close to the action. On a Tuesday or whatever, you can just about park within a block of any resteraunt or store you choose. Not a big issue, unless you have a limited walking distance that your back allows! :( See ya there!
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    Lake Placid is a neat area