Upstate NY from Ga.

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    A friend and I are leaving the Atlanta area on June 1st going to New York to see my dad for a couple of days. His place is near Geneva, New York, in between Rochester and Syracuse. Our ride up will be mostly interstate, so we wanted to come back through York, Pa, and go through the factory. Has anyone done the new "steel toe tour" yet, and is it worth the money ? After that we plan to come back down Skyline Dr. and the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. If we have time we'll do a little touring in Virginia and North Carolina. our trip is set to last 9 or 10 days. Are there any decent places to stay on the parkway in Virginia ? Thanks for the help guys(and girls), we'll post the results of the trip when we get back.
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    Sounds like a great trip plan, especially seeing your Dad. Careful on the superslab. Ride Safe
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    I was through all that area in 2007. I always keep a log of where we stayed for future reference so I will check to see where we stayed along the parkway. If I find sometheing I will post it.