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    just installed back oem header pipes with se slip on mufflers on my 08 fatboy.had short shots on the bike when i bought it so i realley was never able to here the engine much. at idle, is it normal to here some ticking noises coming from the upper end ? seems a little more at the front cylinder. if you go just above an idle it goes away, bike has 13000 miles on it and i run mobil-1 20/50. my first harley so im learning alot has i go. thanks everbody for all your input.:D
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    I would suspect an exhaust leak especially since you say you have just installed different pipes. I assume you used the OEM style crush mesh/lead gasket? If so, you can try snugging up the exhaust nuts a wee bit, but be careful. DO NOT TWIST THESE OFF!! Hit them with some PB spray a couple of times BEFORE trying to snug them up.

    If that does not help, or not completely, and you still have a tick coming from the front pipe, try replacing the crush gaskets with some Cometic C9540 EST gaskets. This is what worked for me when I had the same problem. Chased all sorts of other things first for a couple of months until it finally became clear that it was an exhaust leak, not a valve train issue.

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    Yes with quieter exhaust you will now hear more engine noises. Another option might be to try this: Harley Davidson Community
    I can tell you from experience that it does work...:s
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    got some more info and input on the noise. found out because i installed the se exhaust gaskets and not the oem gaskest. i noticed that the flange has bottoms out on the cylinder head thus not seating enough. got a good friend that owns his own shop and does alot of work on harleys. he said when using stock header pipes, always use oem gaskets. not knocking the se gaskets, its just that the stock gaskets work and seal the best with stock headers. thik ill take the bike to him and let gary fix it right. thanks for all the input!