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    New Mustang seat with wrinkles.
    I just got a new 'wide vintage Mustang seat with drivers backrest' from 'westendmotorsports.com' But it came with wrinkles in the front part of the seat. I have always had Mustang seats and they never had any wrinkles in them. my 06 seat I have right now still looks like brand new. I called the place I got it from, Mike from Westend said to send him pics of it and then he would see what he can do to help me out. I think Mustang makes very good seats, but I don't like the looks of the wrinkles in this one. I should know by the end of next week what they will do about it. I believe I seen a thread on here before and a guy had the same problem. I think Mustang did replace it, but they gave him some trouble. Has any of you seen wrinkles in Mustang seats before?
    I don't have pics yet my son will do that for me this week...
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    This was the beginning of a long journey.
    First let me say that Mike at 'westendmotorsports.com was always very nice and he even called me twice. Alex at Mustang was great too. So I sent pics to Mike then he said to send it back. Westend sent me a new one seat #2 'same problem' Mike said to send pics of the second seat, I did and he said send it back and they would send me a 3rd seat. About 2 days before the 3rd seat came Mike called me and said the new one had some very small wrinkles but was sure it would be o.k. I got the 3rd seat and it did look good enough for me, but when I pushed it up in to the tank it had more wrinkles then the first 2. Now after 3 bad seats in a row I decided to go directly to Mustang. Alex at Mustang was very nice about it. He didn't know why I got 3 Wrinkled seats in a row. He took my word for everything didn't even make me send pics. He said they would try to repair it or send me a new one. About 2 weeks later I got my 4th seat and this nightmare is over. Now I have a seat that looks good even when pushed up to the tank. I cant believe the hell I went through but it's finely over.
    Now that it is over, I don't know what to say about Westend, Mike was always great to me and yet I got 3 bad seats in a row from them, very strange. Alex at Mustang was also great and he took care of the problem even though I didn't buy it directly from them.
    I'm very happy with the seat Mustang sent me looks to be very high quality, and I can tell you Mustang seats has great customer service...the end 'thank God'...
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    Sounds like a manufacturing process problem. Supplier was sending you what he had so I would not blame him. Sounds like Mustang also took corrective action. Hope they do a better with QC in future.
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    It is great that things were taken care of and no one tried to give you the old"They are all like that." You know the old HD line. But it is a aggravation.
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    You got that right...

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    Gary, good that you stuck with it. No customer should be "tested" if a new product is received that clearly has a latent defect. And yes you should send a thank you letter stating your satisfaction with the last one of four new seats you received, to their QA / PR / Marketing / Manufacturing as a kind of "report card testimony." JMO The Mustang products can be rather expensive, but a matching level of quality would have been to send the right one the first time. One out of four seats should mean a lot of water cooler conversations at Mustang, one would think.
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    Mean City Cycle does custom seat work, and they are great.

    I got my Sundowner redone by them, and it's WAY more comfortable, especially for long trips. I am very happy with it.

    Getting it modified was way cheaper than a new one, too.