Unhappy Harley Owners?? Why??

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    Not to be sinister, but the more I read these forums, the more it sounds like their is alot of bashing the Motoco. Yet all these people still own and ride Harleys and even trade, and get another. Not sure why this, if I don't like a product, I never buy it again. I grew up in Milwukee, and proud to say I own A Harley! The dealers I deal with are fair, and sell a good product. I am sorry to see so many people not liking The Harley Davisdon Brand. I have a buddy who has an 86 Road King 150,000 miles, using only genuine Motoco parts and lubes, and has never had a major failure. That speaks alot about the Company. What is everone elses opinion?
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    It's the nature of the beast

    here in canada we elect people and then spend the next few years (EDIT) about them. In the states, they elect someone and then spend the next few years trying to throw the same people out. Same thing here in the harely forum. By the bike and then (EDIT) about it.

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    As Steve said, this is a forum about HD.
    Since the perfect, defect-free, indestructible machine has non been invented yet, for sure problems arise and the discussion here helps to fix them.
    Like for any other brand around, there will be alwys a number of people stating:" A HD??? Never again!!!", but, believe me, despite some minor problem, the great majority of us is happy with their bikes.
    We bought them because we wanted them.
    Personally I'm not disappointed at all.
    If I'll ever want a sport bike I'll buy another brand, obviously, but HD is giving to me what I was currently looking for.

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    Again as Steve said, I think a lot of problems with HD is a few of the dealers. Some dealers got into business just because the item was hot and they could make a lot of money. When the economy cooled, these dealers turned the screws to keep cost down and they didn't care about the brand or the bikers, just profits. The other dealers might not be as big and profitable, but they are still there with a smile on their faces when you walk through the door. They are the ones that made HD, along with us bikers, what it is today. I love my HD! :13:
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    I LOVE my HD and would never have anything else. My first motorcycle was a HD. I grew up on and around them.

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    Scotracy - the problem is these forums WILL give you a negative skewed view that everything is broken and everyone came here with a problem with the brand. and while true most of us came here because we HAD an original problem or question looking for answers.

    It is probably why HD does NOT want to have customer service on their website because it draws problems in...rather than routing them to their extended dealer network. What is the easiest way to solve a problem? Answer: Give it to someone else...:p It took me awhile to figure that out after only owning an HD for a few years. Think of a hospital..everyone comes in with a problem and sometimes it is not the best place to "get fixed". :newsmile040:
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    I began with Harleys back in late 60's. Rode HD for about 20 years. Then, due to finances, went with metric crusers. I liked the metric bikes for sure, nothing in the world wrong with them. BUT, always in the back of my mind, wanted to go back to HD! When I could afford it, I did. I really enjoy riding my Heritage. And for me anyway, it is the total package - Harley Davidson on the tank - the looks - the sound - everything. I like my Harleys.

    PS: a friend of mine once told me "I'd rather push a Harley than ride a Honda" I always said "Not me - Id rather ride a Honda than push a Harley" Right now, I have a nice V-Star that is not running - I refuse to push it!

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    It's like a family thing. We join here, and list our model, and then discuss the skeletons in the closet. BUT we take offense if non family disparages any of the clan.
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    I have always said made by man it will break..seriously i have always liked the design of h/d bikes to me they look like a bike should,, working mans bike..its like a loved one you over look the problems & work it out..