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    Just want to say that I spent last week in Cherokee N.C. and was very amazed at the courtesy that the locals had for me on my bike. They didn't try to "crowd" me out on the road and kept a good space between me and them. This was a complete change from what I am accustomed to here in Ga. Even when riding in the mountains I noticed that the people in other vehicles were considerate enough to allow me extra "maneuvering room". Something else that stood out was the signs which actually welcomed bikers to the reservation and town. I have listened to other riders talk of places that exist where people are considerate of bikers but to actually experience such was an eye opener. The reservation police were very polite and did not seem to have a bad attitude toward bike riders. Very different from what I am used to.
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    that is a nice place. I was there in Aug .. one of the people at hotel let a few of use park under the awnings so we didnt have to park way out in the lot as spots by our rooms were full .. She said she was there all night and would keep a eye on them
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    If you can get off the beaten path and find a place where locals eat or congrigate in the late afternoon you will be really amazed at the friendship you will find. We spend about 6 or 8 weeks each year in cherokee gatlinburg and the surronding area. Townsend tn is also great. :cheers this beer is for the whole population of that region.
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    Truly one of the nicer areas to spend time. I try to get to that area at least once every year, meet the boy to do some riding. Love the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley (open again part time), the wife loves the casino :devil, and we all have a good time. As you said, the people are friendly and helpful throughout the area.
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    I will echo what was said about the drivers in the Cherokee, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge area. I have never experienced the courtesy given to bikes as I have when we were there this past April...and the riding was primo. We rode the Dragon...nervously...thru Townsend...over the top to Cherokee, what a blast. We found a different route to ride every day, going back in March.
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    I was up in the Cherokee, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge area a couple of weeks ago & it was nice friendly people most of the time. I try to ask the locals where they eat. Gets them started talking & they give you good suggestions as what to see while in their area. Some come up with things you don't read about in the travel guide.