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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bozgolf, Oct 8, 2011.

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    I have a 2010 Ultra Limited 103 motor I have put V&H Big Shots, Sreamin Eagle cone intake for hard lowers, and a Sreamin Eagle Race tuner. I had it tuned and dynoed at the dealership where I purchased the bike and the parts. I have removed the hard lowers. I had a question about gas mileage I never checked the gas mileage before the mods but have checked it recentley and at one point I got 42 mpg and other times I have gotten from 35-39 mpg. Today I filled up the tank and I got just under 200 miles before the gas light turned on was on the interstate and going 70 mph at 2700 rpm with the cruise on 90% of the time and the rode was pretty flat. On that ride I got 37 mpg. I had a 2008 SG and it got 42-44. Is this normal because of the mods?
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    How many miles on the motor? It seems to me that fuel mileage is erratic until that motor is broke in and got some miles on it. My bike's fuel mileage didn't seem to settle out until 8K-10K miles. Other than that it maybe as simple as your tuner being a little rich. Having said that if your happy with the way the bike runs and it is running cool with good power. Forget about mileage a ride like you stole it. :s
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    I think all those numbers are good. I usually get around 42 with my wife on the bike and anywhere between 33 and 37 without her. Yes I usually run a little harder when she is not on. Bodeen is right on if it's running good enjoy it and don't worry about it. Ride safe.
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    I would be happy with those numbers with slow burning Ethanol:s
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    Headwinds cut my mileage dramatically. I'll be averaging 45-48mpg then wham! 33-34 on the next tank. That's on my '09 electraglide. It doesn't matter how I ride, that's what it does. I don't complain when the wind's to my back. It can go up over 50. It also varies a lot with altitude. I'll be doing a lot of day rides into Badwater, California this winter. It's a sweet road with lots of high speed sweepers and almost no LEO. It's also the lowest altitude in the country at 282 feet below sea level. That's Death Valley filled with very dense air pulling the range down to 200 a tank. flhrrider
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    I have the same bike. I have V&H Power Duals with V&H High Output slip on's. A stage 1 and PCV. I was getting between 40 to 42 mpg then suddenly dropped to 35-37. I cleaned the air filter and back up to 40 mpg.....she runs a bit more rich in high heat (I think it's the map), but after cleaning the filter I noticed a big difference. I had almost 6,000 miles between cleaning the filter. Hope this helps.
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    I am trading off my 2010 Limited this spring on a trike. Dealer wanted it as close to stock as possible when I trade it, so I removed my mods(V&H Propipe HO, PC V w/auto tunes, V&H O2 naked) and left the 255 cams I put in it. I averaged between 30-35 with mods and only once got 40 mpg, which was really babying it. With the stock ecm, stock AC, stock exhaust (minus cat in headpipe), I just got 45 mpg with it. I also had never ran it stock before, since I got it delievered with all the mods already done. The 1st tankful from off the showroom floor was 26, so I am very impressed with the 45 I just got out of it.