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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by diablo, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. diablo

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    I am new at this so here goes. Just bought myself a 2009 ULTRA Classic and after reading hundreds of post on the subject I got questions for you more experience riders.
    AMSOIL 20w50 synthetic for the motor
    RED LINE v-twin trany w/shock proof and last RED LINE v-twin primary case oil.
    What do you think of my selection of products for my new bike
  2. Chopper

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    Welcome to the forum diablo, sounds like you pick all quality products, you can view what a lot of others have chosen also in the self help section.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Personally, I like Mobil 1 for V Twins or Spectro for the motor. Amsoil's probably fine but I'm not a fan of how it's marketed.

    Spectro for 6 Speeds in the tranny.

    Redline, BelRay, HD Formula + in the primary.

    Whatever you do, don't fall for the dealer pitch to put HD Syn 3 in all three holes!
  4. diablo

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    Thanks a lot you guys
  5. Haywire

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    I'm with the DR. just different in the primary.
    Mobile 1 V-twin motor
    Spectro 6 speed for the tranny
    and Spectro Primary for the primary
  6. sprinkman

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    Hey, someone tell me what amsoil is doing wrong with there marketing. I am currently trying to figure out what oil to use. I like amsoil and also spectra was going to use amsoil in motor and spectra in tranny and primary.
  7. Chopper

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    They must not be doing too much wrong their still in business, I thought about using them because I have a few friends that do, they like it but I also have another friend that swear it blew his engine up. So I e-mailed for some information and got great responce, every week since, sales like three day only special buy now and you get free 6 month membership for discounts, pay same price as dealers, then a few weeks later, three days only, same 3 days only special, well when you do that all the time it's not a special, it's a high pressure sales tactic. Go to get info on other oil products and you have to wade through their self proclaimed white papers and poles done by their sales reps. that are presented as common joe's. Their hype has gotton to me so much I wonder if you don't work for them:), bottom line when I feel I can't trust a company, I don't believe a word they say, whether it's true or not I no longer have a way of telling.
    I have tried Spectro 6-speed fluid in customers bikes and they tell me they will never run anything else, that has sold me, not anything from Spectro. Glider made great sense about Mobil 1 V-Twin, you can buy it in any town you might be in if you're on the road and believe in Moble 1 V Twin for the engine, it does quiet the lifters down more then syn 3. Use amsoil if you like it, but those are the reasons I'm don't.
  8. sharpscuba

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    Read the poll's on this site and you will get a idea of what is the popular choice's.
  9. geezer

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    I use Mobil 1 V Twin in the engine (much better than Syn3 ), Spectro 6 Speed in the tranny (quieter and better shifting), and Spectro Primary. Spectro is hard to find in Canada but a Suzuki dealer in Winnipeg sells some and gets it in by the case for me so I always have it on hand. By the way, the Suzuki salesman rides a Sporster and is going to switch over to Spectro in his Harley on my recommendation. He also gives me 15% off on the oil.
  10. TQuentin1

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    My personal opinion is this: use premium FULL synthetic (Group IV) 20W50 engine oil in the engine. Use premium FULL synthetic 75W90 or 75W140 GL-5 gear lube in the transmission. Use a fit-for-purpose wet clutch compatible primary chaincase lubricant in the primary. All that said, I have used Amsoil in the past, but like Chopper and others on here have become jaded by their hype. I now use the following products, changing all three lubricants and oil filter between 3k-4k miles:

    Engine: Mobil 1 VTwin Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 4 qts.
    Tranny: Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum 6-speed Transmission Oil, 22 oz. (650 ml.)
    Primary: Spectro Heavy Duty Primary Chaincase Oil, 1 qt.
    Oil filter: HD 63798-99A

    The volumes you will use depends on what your book calls for wet.


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