Ultra Classic Battery Removal

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Subby, May 25, 2013.

  1. Subby

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    I want to replace the battery in my /09 Ultra. I have the manual and I'm OK up to the point where it says to: "release the front of the top caddy and rotate out of the way" but it doesn't tell me how the front of the top caddy releases. This is the first time I've replaced the battery and I don't want to break anything trying to get the top caddy out of the way. Anyone know how to get the front of the top caddy to release?? Maybe I'm dumb but I just don't see it.
  2. Subby

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    Thanks Tank...I got it. There's no screw but there is a metal tang that grabs the front of the caddy. What the manual doesn't tell you is you need to detach the ECM from the top caddy and move it out of the way in order to have enough room to slide the caddy forward far enough to disengage the metal tang. Too bad they don't write manuals so us mechanically challenged guys can follow them.
  3. RobertHyde

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    Just changed mine last week and had same problem. You must remove everything (stuffed wires harnesses) forward of the battery box. Then slide the cover forward towards tank and around the small metal tab that locks down the front. Be sure to cut the cable ties on each side of frame to pull back harnesses that run along the side of the frame. Easy Shmeasy. Good Luck.
  4. Taildraggerdave

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll have to pop off the seat and take a look.

  5. glasspilot

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    That sounds way different than my '06! Once I have the seat out of the way the battery is right there.

    The problem I had the first time I removed the battery was......How to grip it! It sits flush in the battery box and there isn't any easy way to grab it to pull it up. I use some thin nylon strapping I place in the box and then insert the battery. Then all I have to do is grab the ends of the strap to pull the battery out.
  6. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I was able to move the ECM and caddy enough without cutting any wire tires on mine.