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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by masterguns, Oct 25, 2009.

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    I have had this Ultra for quite some time and never have had a reason to use the CB. But with a trip to Big Bend in a couple weeks, I will need to know how to operate it and I don't entirely. Here is where I am with the cb and I can only assume my problem has something to do with the "SET". The cb works just fine but whenever the PTT button is released, the system will not automatically allow the radio/cassette to be heard. The Squeltch setting doesn't matter. In addition, operating instructions are not addressed in the Owners manual. Can someone tell me what the "SET" function is and how does one use it? Thanks
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    Looking through my owners manual, I think you need to look at the table on Audio Routing and Mixing Combinations.
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    I think you are in the set mode for channel selection. You should be able to pick the channel you want, then press the mode button in to return to the radio or whatever you were listening to. You should be able to listen to your music and the CB will break in when the squelch is broken.
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    That is how mine works.