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    anybody have a pic of these on a softail? I have searched online and found only pipes, none on a bike. my current pipes (front only) has developed leaks just below the cam housing, mainly due to dragging it on pavement numerous times. I am looking for some decent, yet fairly cheap pipes, and short. my current ones end right at the bracket where they mount to the frame. any other suggestion for pipes? main thing is the need to end together, i amnot a fan of the staggered look, or the angle cuts. just short, straight cut pipes.
    60-352 Softail 1986 And Later Chrome Straight Cut Competitor Step Tuned Pipes
    hopefully that link works to the pipes i am talking about. the Ultima Striaght cut competitor pipes. I cant tell if they will come out staggered or not. I am not opposed to cutting them off even if so.