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    My buddy has a 2002 Heritage Softail and over the past week he has been having this issue that I need assistance on. His left turn signal does not work (when the bike goes into the security mode it does work) and the red light is storing codes I think. This whole issue happened after he washed his bike. I tried to invoke the TSSM diagnostic but it does not work. We have changed the bulbs but to no avail as well. The only other thing we did was about a month ago we moved his wires from the outside of the bars to the inside could it be we have a short on the left turn signal? Does anyone know the color of that wire? He does not have a manual. We could open the the mechanism and see the color as well I guess. We need to get him back on the road I hope its not the TSSM module.
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    I would suspect water being the problem from what you say here possibly in the switch housing. If need be start at the light and work back into the bike with a test light but remember it has to draw about the same as the bulb in the signal for the system to operate correctly so you can diagnose it right. A 12v test lamp may not operate the system well because the TSSM needs a certain draw to operate. You can make a test light for this using a socket and bulb from the auto parts store so the draw will operate the TSSM and go with that for testing the circuit. Don't rule out a disconnected wire in the bars where you spliced them when replacing the bars. Check the circuit at first going into the bars to see if that is where the problem is before going to the light itself.

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