Turn signal/Must you hold the button down?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bus driver, Apr 24, 2012.

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    My buddy has a 90 soft tail and we looked at the wiring diagram and it appears there is no turn signal module. He has to hold the turn signal button down to activate the signals, if he lets go they stop working. Is there any way he could hookup a turn signal device so it would act like a later model machine where they stay on for either time, or speed like my EGC does. Any help would be appreciated. It's not a safety issue,:small3d031: it's just a pain. Thanx. Bus Driver.
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    Turn signal module is not in the head light bucket? 75566: Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Modules
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    Yes, the button must be held. The self cancelling signals came out in '91. They used to make a simple kit that would make the signals flash without holding the button (time only, not distance). I put one on my '87 Sportster. Check J&P cycles, they were about $35.

    I just looked in J&P and they only list the overpriced $100 unit made by Badlander. Dennis Kirk has a module made by SDC #21-4490 that has 3 modes and is about $71 (my books are old).
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    That sounds great. I'll tell him about that unit. Also there was no module in the headlight bucket. His diagram didn't show any module installed, Thanx for the help guys, Greatly appreciated. Bus Driver.
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    I have a module I bought for my 90 heritage sitting in my garage. I sold the bike before it got installed. Shoot me a pm with your address and its yours. :)