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  1. Jeff Klarich

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    I'm a little frustrated, installed a gen 3 on my 05 ultra classic and can't seem to get it tuned correctly. Here's what I'm running, screaming eagle heads, 10.5.1 comp, Bassani true duels, not sure of the cams. I'm running the factory settings from Dobeck and it's not doing the job. At take off and low rpm's if I start to roll on the throttle the bike will stutter and sometimes will pop back through the exhaust. Not sure if it's to much fuel or not enough.I tried several adjustments but in some cases it got worse. Also cruising at 60 or 65 and rpm's at about 2800, I roll on the throttle and get some pinging. I'm starting to get tired of taking the seat on and off for tuning! Any good suggestions to get this tuned right.

    settings are as follows,
    mode 1 3.5
    mode 2 2.5
    mode 3 2.5
    mode 4 .05
    mode 5 4.0
    mode 6 4.5
  2. Slo-Ryd

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    Jeff a quick call to them would surely be in order and their tech support can get you to a closer baseline. The factory settings are for a stage 1 air cleaner and free flowing exhaust only. Mine needed minimal fiddling with the yellow midrange and decel fuel only. I am doing my cam and hyd adjuster conversion starting tonight and they called me last week as a followup to see if i was happy with the unit. I asked what settings i should run with the new cam and he told me to call tech support and they would gladly give me some recommended settings. I'm sure they've help quite a few customers in your shoes get their bikes dialed in when they have more extensive mods as yourself.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Like BigAl says, if you haven't called Dobeck, I would stop fiddling with things and do so immediately. Their customer service is awesome and once you tell them your exact setup, they should get you dialed in.
  4. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've talked with the tec a few times and told them what I have for a setup. I'm not running anything odd but we can't seem to get it dialed in. The way it's running as I mentioned, I think it's running to lean. Not sure anymore what mode and what setting I should try.
  5. HDDon

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    Jeff I'm no expert here but it sounds like you may have a higher lift cam or maybe something quite a bit hotter than stock. I don't know which "map" your trying to run but it seems that you may not be getting enough fuel for the hotter cam. Bubbie will probably have an answer for this.
  6. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    That could be, I bought it already done and couldn't locate the former owner to find out the cam issue. I do know that it has 10.5.1 comp, true duel pipes, adjustable push rods, and SE heads and K&N filter. As far as the mapping I couldn't tell you. From how I mentioned it running in my first post I think it's not getting enough fuel under load.
  7. lorne

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    i would of thought your big brother would of helped you by now...:p
  8. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    Me too Loren,

    I should add that the only reason I added the gen3 is I was running a little lean and I also had some spark knock when I would leave a stop sign. Other than those 2 issues the motor ran good.
  9. glazier

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    I'm no expert on these TFI thingys, but was thinking that with the mods made to your engine already, are you sure there's not some sort of tuner already in there??? Maybe a Vied or Xied that could be incompatible with the TFI??? I'd think if someone had done to the motor what you listed, then they had to have made adjustments to the AFR or it would have been really lean to begin with. Unless they just did a download from the dealer. Just out of curiousity, how do you know it's running lean???
  10. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    No other tuners installed, Harleys run lean stock so any modes done after stock will most likely make it run even leaner. I can also tell by the color of the exhaust, there tan in color.