Tuning a stock 2014 big twin

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Biffy08, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Biffy08

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    Can a stock bike be tuned to improve cooling the engine by "fattening" up the fuel input? Is the Screamin Eagle tuner a good choice for accomplishing this? I know a dyno run(s) will be needed. No modifications done as of yet? I do plan to change the exhaust to true duals and possibly a high air flow kit (if needed??) in the future. I just don't have the $ right now.

  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    C'mon - you've been a member here for almost 6 years and haven't gotten involved in any of the "tuner wars" threads?


    Seriously, there are a wide variety of tuners available that cover the entire spectrum of price and your own ability to make adjustments without the necessity of a dyno run. A quality dyno run will dial you in for that last bit of performance but in many cases it won't be justified financially for your specific goals.

    Since you mentioned $$$, please be aware that as an HDTalking forum member, you get a discount from Dobeck on their TFI units. They're easy to install and adjust and very affordable. Dobeck will also attempt to answer any of your questions on their subsection of this forum.
  3. Biffy08

    Biffy08 Active Member

    Shame on me, but you are correct that I have not payed too much attention to other tuners. Up until this bike, my previous rides were already dialed in when I bought them used and I didn't feel the need to change the conditions.
    But to just clarify, I am not necessarily looking for greater performance, but would like to increase the longevity of the motor (by cooling it I think?). Are you suggesting against the HD tuner? Is there an obvious advantage to the Dobeck(great to get a $ discount as a member of this awesome site), or another tuner, over the Screamin Eagle?
    Thanks for your input Dr.!
  4. dbmg

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    Why not start off with mufflers with 1.75 inch baffle and you are good to go. They are available used every where.
    Then if you do a high flow air filter then a tuner should be added. Be careful what you wish for. Be especially careful with the dyno idea. You can lower temps a bit, but with the exhaust running under bike I do not know that the money spent trying to achieve a much cooler running bike, may just be money misspent.......:newsmile093:
  5. Breeze3at

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    Harleys Street Tuner, will only add fuel to get back to the 14.7:1 ratio EPA mandate. The S.E.R.T. tuner enables the tuner to select tables to run. I believe that doubles the purchase price for dyno time.
    There are several piggybacks that allow you to add the amount of fuel you want. Not the best for optimum horsepower, but I'm very happy with my Doebeck.
  6. dolt

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    The answers are yes and yes. However, you really should wait to buy dyno time until you have completed a Stage I upgrade, i.e. replace the exhaust system with a cat free head pipe and decent flowing mufflers and a hi-flow intake. Then get the bike on the dyno for a couple of pulls to bring the AFR in line.

    In the meantime, you might consider a set of XiEDs which will cool things down a bit and make a mild improvement in performance.

    2014 Harley Touring Bike Fuel Management
  7. TQuentin1

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    I think your bike is equipped with the HDLAN (CAN Bus). Therefore, the V&H FP3 is another option. I have experimented with that unit on my '11 FLSTC, and am very impressed. Allowed me to download and flash the ECU with maps that have been developed by V&H using dynos with the exact or similar engine configuration that the user has. Check it out:

    Vance Hines | Fuelpak FP3


  8. Jeff Klarich

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    Adding more fuel will surely help it run cooler as most Harleys run too lean out of the box. What the good DR. suggested is good advice. A Dobeck fueler would help it run better and cooler.
  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    Well then, if your primary goal is just cooling the engine a bit and you're not really looking for performance gains, you'll want the most cost effective way to simply add a little fuel. That would lead you straight to one of the Dobeck units with a forum discount applied.

    You could also consider adding an oil cooler, which in turn cools the engine somewhat.
  10. Biffy08

    Biffy08 Active Member

    Thanks again. Where on the site do I find the Dobeck section?

    BTW, the 2014 touring models (maybe others) come with oil coolers.