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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dmz1965, Feb 16, 2011.

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    I have an ultra limited due in at the dealer in about two months, I have decided to go with the V&H Power Duals with Kuryakyn Crusher slip ons and SE intake with K&N Filter. My only dilemma now is the tuner; dealer recommends the Kuryakyn Master Tune and says they have had very good luck with them and no customer complaints. I have a Thunder Max on my 06 Dyna (which the wife will take over once the Ultra makes it home) but am not sure it is worth the extra $$ on the limited; I put the TM on when I had the Big Bore kit put in the Dyna.
    Anyone have any experience with the Master Tune?
  2. Chopper

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    I'm a S/E Super Tuner kinda guy myself, it's what I know, but I think any good tuner would work well, just not sure of anything that starts with the word Kuryakyn or Rev Tech, but that's me. Some thing to be said about using what your dealer knows unless your doing the work yourself. Good luck
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    I have V & H Power Duals on my Limited. I went with a stage one as well, and V & H Hi-Out Put slips on. I decided to go with a Power Commander V. Had it pre-programed through Fuel-Moto and I am very happy with the performance of the entire package. And it really helps with the heat issues after taking off the Cat!
  4. R.Bingham

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    Mastertune TTS are very good tuners. They have a lot of features that many tuners don't have. That being said if it were me I would go with the Revolution Performance Precision EMS. It converts the factory ecm into a wide band tuner similar to the Thunder Max but it is better and it does true auto tuning.

    Revolution Performance Precisionâ„¢ EMS
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    Well I don't yet have a tuner. My bike has the dealer stage 1 SE map download. But I have read about all of them. And unless I change my mind as soon as I can save up enough money I'm buying TTS Mastertune. TTS used to make the old SERT before they fell out with H.D. that's why if you have the old SE tuner (not the current SEST) you can get the TTS for less money, you just have to send them the tuner for a flash upgrade.

    ThunderMax is a great closed loop solution, but too much money for me.

    SEST is good and have heard good reports from it.

    A lot of people like the PCV which I understand offers a closed loop solution, but it's still a piggyback and sometimes they go bad from what I hear.

    The best all round closed loop package to me is TTS. Plus I don't live far from Doc's place in Clermont (Minneola) and he offers support if I buy it through him.

    Doc's Performance Tuning

    But if you have a laptop and the usb cable you can really experiment on your own with TTS, not only the fuel but the timing as well. And you can save different maps for different whatever.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Hey DMZ, Check out the V&H Dresser Duals, I went with them with Reinhart mufflers added the Power Commander V. I put on a Jet Scream breather, looks a lot like the Arlen Ness BigSucker just has honeycomb screen. What a sound and great power. I had the work and dyno done by cyclesolutions while in Daytona. My buddies call it The Ultra with an attitude! Hitting the throttle it cracks. I read some other posts with the V&H Dresser true duals combo with Reinhart and those that had them also said the sound was great. I did look at the Power duals but I wanted true duals.

    Be safe,
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    Is anyone here on the Forum using this EMS or know anyone who is? I am always looking to improve my performance. I have read into it and it sounds like the bomb. I need to hear from some other people that are using it before I would buy it. Thats a lot of money (for me) to not have it do what they clame.
  8. R.Bingham

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    I don't know about this forum but another forum that I'm a member of has several people using it.

    Everyone of them are happy. One guy who does head work for a living has one on his personal bike that is highly modified and could never get it running properly even after having it dyno tuned several times. He put the Rev Perf Precision EMS on it and hasn't had anymore issues.

    If I had a newer bike that is the turner I would use. Mainly because you just install it and your bike is then running as good as it will get. I am the kind of of guy who if had say a T-Max where you you have to keep changing the maps after several rides wouldn't be able to enjoy just riding. I would always be tinkering with it to see if I could make it run better.
  9. Hoople

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    It does seem like an interesting product but I have a couple of questions about it.
    After they do what they do to your ECM, would I still be able to communicate to it using my SEST? Would I still be able to modify a map (say idle speed or ignition timing) if I wished to?
    Would I be able to look at or modify my A/F ratio if I wanted to.
    If they change any firmware code, I bet it will no longer commo correctly w/ the SEST.

    Realize that someone MUST (in this case Revolution Performance) set the values of the maps to start with. They never actually say what your A/F ratio's at idle, cruise & WOT will be. They just say that they will be "right". That would mean that there is 1 universal A/F agreement for all which there isn't.

    Not saying it does not work but I would have to get some answers before I decided.