trying to identify my father-in-laws bike

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    I am trying to identify my father-in-law's bikes. I hope to find another to purchase for him (maybe in trike style) so he can get back in the saddle again at age 82. He had two; I believe the first was a 1942 Suicide shift, the second may have been a 1960 74, at least that's what he can remember.
    Any help would be much appreciated.


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  2. Breeze3at

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    All 3 pics are of 1949 or newer panhead bikes, as evidenced by the "Hydraglide" forks, and left hand chain drive. The 2 b&w photos may be the same bike, tank badge looks the same but bags and windshield added. Funny thing to me is all 3 look like solid front wheel? Maybe I have blurry eyes today.
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    Its not a solid wheel Harley dealers had an option of 2 discs that went over the spoke wheels and were bolted together giving it ba solid LQQK....dont see to many I have 2 bikes with this option....I was offered big money a set that on one of my bikes! Told the guy to "Dream On " well I didnt just say that!
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    didnt make a PAN in 1942


    the pics show 2 different pics they didnt make The Pan Motor till 1948 and that had a springer... and in 1960 the frame wasnt Ridged as they went to rear shocks and a swingarm in 1958 One of the pics shows a "Deluxe" Fender badge and I will check on what years that came with...but I8 do know it would be from the mid to early 50's
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    Appears to be a 49 FL.1st year for the hydraglyde front end.I have a historic HD book and the black and white photo's match that bike.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    If he had a 42 it would be a flathead or a Knucklehead, the Panhead came along in 48 Flatheads and Knuckles came with tank shifters as well as early Panheads, if you could get a close up look at the left lower crank case you would see the VIN number the first 2 numbers are the year IE 60 FL 14001 would be a 1960 fl Panhead
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    You guys are wonderful and I am just sitting back trying to take this all in. I found out today that he had three different bikes! Man! I wish he would have kept them all!
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    I believe the first and last pic (same bike) is a 1950 and the middle pic is a 1953. Nice history photo's, thanks for sharing.
  9. The Don

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    Pics 1 & 3 have a 47-50 badge, pic 2 has a 51-54 badge.
  10. Crocker

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    the first and third picture is a 1950 fl panhead ,1st yr pan 1948 had springer front end . 1949 pan head hydraglide first yr with telescopic front end , but lower legs were black, So with that tank emblem would be a 1950 frm my guess, 2d pic well havent look yeat but will look and get back here .


    boy this is not easy trying to identify from 1 picture but my guess would be the 2d picutre is a 1952, because if it was 53 he would have most likly had the anaversery badge on the front fender ,just because he has a lot of factory options ,and I have to say not only that ,but if you notice it is a footshift hand clutch and 52 was first yr offer for that as option, an most people looked at that option of the time as crazy but looking at all the factory options and the picture of him he was one of the few who would opt for the footshift and not the norm of the time foot clutch. boy if you had that bike today in its oem state with all those options 50,000 plus on that one.he had a true passion for his motorcycles one that I reguard in the highest respect, thank you for sharing.
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