Trying to get lost.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by heartshot, Oct 25, 2009.

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    My fovorite rides are on roads I never been on before. I just take off in one direction and start turning on roads.... just to see where they come out. This really "freaks out" some riders, they will ask "do you know where your at" and I reply "I don't have a clue"! Here in southern Ohio(or anywhere else for that matter) it is impossible to get lost.....every road ends up somwhere. I have discovered some really fantastic rides and scenery doing this....Just going nowhere.
    Any one else?:s
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    Yep; One of my favorite type rides. I carry a gazetteer with me (detailed state map). I occasionally stop and look at it to see where I am, or which way to go next. People always stop and ask if I'm lost and can they help. It is sometimes difficult to politely tell them that yes, I don't know where I am, and no, I don't want any help. Georgia has some really nice backroads and tiny old towns to discover.
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    All the time, it's one of the best ways I like to ride. I usually start heading down a road I know, then just take one I don't and see where it goes. I agree sooner or later you'll come to a place to find your way home. If I have no clue of where I am, I usually know if I'm N,S,E or west from home, then look at my watch and then just try to keep the sun where I need it.
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    Lov doin that also..just gets a bit un nerving when i end up on a gravel and Dirt roads. Gets a bit exciting now and then... we were riding once (the wife and I two up) and we ended up at the Mississippi and crossed on a ferry ..its started snowing the crossing was about 20 plus minutes... got kinda exotic. I did not have snow tires on the of course the temps were predicted in up 40's and over
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    sometimes getting lost can turn into a good thing finding new people and hang outs its all about the ride

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    Free thinking and getting "lost" can be a good thing, but it can also be daunting if it ends up in a gravel dead end just be prepared a bit...a GPS, a bit of packaged "eats" and water can be pretty handy if you end up in the middle of nowhere...! And do leave word with someone your approx. ETA and direction. I guess I am a bit of a control freak, thinking of that missing rider thread a while back. Plan for alternatives for everything good or bad, so unplanned side trips have no drama, other than pure enjoyment of the moment...
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    I do that in the Shenandoah Valley. You wind up going on some really nice rides.
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    Best way I know to learn the local roads, and there are a lot of them here in Middle TN and Southern KY. I never get lost. However, I did get powerful confused for a week or so one time. :lolrolling
  9. Ozman

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    Been getting lost on purpose in SW PA for years and always found my way home. The hard part is "re-finding" those great roads I discovered.
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    A great way to spend the day riding. Just get on the bike and go.