True-Track for Dyna's (#20-30)

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Hoople, May 4, 2010.

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    If there is anyone out there considering purchasing a suspension stabilization device (extra pivot link system) for their bike, the True-Track is a 1st rate product. At first I was set back by the price and wondered why it would cost so much. But after receiving it and looking it over, I am amazed at the value you receive for the price. This thing is a Work of Art. In my case the kit consists of 2 additional links. One at the front engine mount and 1 at the rear tranny mount. Certainly not a 5 minute job to install on the Dyna but it fits absolutely perfect. It's easy to see a lot of thought went into the design and production of this kit. From the looks of it, it has to improve the lateral stiffening of the drivetrain.
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    How long did it take you to install? And what was the cost?

    Let's see some pics!
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    Working by myself it took a good couple of hours to install them, but I work slowly. Plenty of pictures and costs at their web site.
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    Looks pretty cool and looks like the rear was probably harder then the front. Here is a link to the American Cycle write up of the install. Very nice.

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    Until the other day I did not realize that on my '09 Dyna the engine, transmission, rear fork and rear tire needs to be looked at as 1 complete assembly twisting within the frame and against the front tire.

    I heard at their bike show booth, Dyna-Trac has a frame with dynamic forces applied to it so you can see what actually takes place. I would really like to see that in action.
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    AND... all rubber mounted to boot so you can see where that goes from there.