Trouble with ignition switch

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    I have a 2009 E/G classic and I remove the ignition switch to add ground effect lights. Turned handle bars to left and locked them, them removed ignition. Use a long screw driver to move the tabs so I could unlock them.
    Looking straight down the lock you will see 2 tabs that face 11:00 to 5:00 position that you can move. To shorten the story I move the bottom one to the right and then it locked in that spot. I could move the top tab 360 degrees but not the bottom one. I couldn't unlock the bars either..
    There are 2 mounting screws that hold the switch down. Remove them and lift the switch up and it will release the bars and as your holding it up insert a screw driver and move the bottom tab back to the left(11:00 position.
    This drove me crazy for 2 days.. I wish there was a diagram of the switch so at least you could understand it...
    If I can help.....ask
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