Trip to Oklahoma City

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    Hello all. We are planning a trip from here in eastern south dakota to oklahoma city, ok this next weekend. Leaving on thursday night, hope to make it to Omaha, Council Bluffs area. Then leave friday for Wichita, ks or farther depending on the weather, ride time and stops.

    What I was wondering is...any one know of some great little motels in the Wichita and Oklahoma city, actually we are going to the Moore, ok area. When we ride some distances we like to use the small motels, you know, the ones you can pull your bike up to the front door, older units ( but clean) and usually around $50 bucks a night or less. We have found some of the greatest people in these places, owners that will talk your leg off, and sit and have a beer with you after a long days ride. These are some of the best kept secret spots to stop sometimes, and the best stories. You ever done this?

    So if anyone out there knows of any please respond. We plan on looking for some when we get there, but thought maybe someone might have some ideas.
    Thanks, Mark