TriGlide -- Comments anyone?

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by rschellenberger, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. rschellenberger

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    First my apology if this is not in the correct forum.

    My wife and :newsmile092: I are looking to get a TRIKE. We're both in our 50s and neither of us have ever ridden before and we just aren't that comfortable with the idea of a motorcycle.

    Anyone have any feedback for us on the TriGlide? Would there be any issues with regard to stability when cornering for us novices? Do you think we'd be asking for trouble buying it in its first model year?

    We love the look of it and it sure seems like it would be a heck of a lot more comfortable than a CanAm Spyder, especially for longer trips. However given that the cost of getting in the game is over $35k out the door :small3d012: I'd really appreciate any input. We're looking at getting the anti-lock brakes, reverse and the security system. Is the prepaid maintenance program and extended warranty programs good deals or something to be avoided?

    Thanks for you input.
  2. rschellenberger

    rschellenberger New Member

    Thanks for the input. We'll work at keeping it smooth if we get one.

    Where there any other things that cause you to hesitate in buying a TriGlide?

  3. rschellenberger

    rschellenberger New Member

    Thanks. Would you get the maintenance program and extended warranty?
  4. Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart Active Member

    Just curious; what did you not like about the Lehman trike.
    I have never ridden one, but anyone I have talked to who has one seems to like them a lot.

  5. MIHDrider

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    I have seen and ridden it and it is pretty nice. I would consider one a few years from now, but for the time being sticking to two wheels. Thought the black looked very good.
  6. reese58

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    The first time I saw the brochure I knew it was the bike for me. I am a 62 year old female and have just put my first 500 miles on my brand new HD Tri-Glide. Wow! What a ride. Even though I have been riding on and off for 4 years I consider myself a novice because I was never comfortable on my other 2 Harleys.
    The DVD offered with the purchase gives great instructions and tips on the difference in steering, cornering. I am certainly not an expert but I feel so comfortable not having to put my feet down at stops and with reverse I can take it out of the garage all by myself!
  7. rbrian

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    I bought one in December and it is fun but a little rough even with the air adjustment in the rear. The reverse works great if you are not on a hill it is only a starter on a fly wheel in the rear. This bike was built at harley. The trunk leaks like a sive when I wash it so I need to get that fixed but all in alll I love the bike.


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    Congratulations on your new TriGlides and thank you for visiting HDTalking. We look forward to some interesting posts and pictures when you get the chance. Look at the top of the web page under help for Videos on how to make attachments for websites and pictures. Cheers and welcome to the HDT family! :D
  9. mrkihn

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    I saw one yesterday at the dealer. The Triglide is still basically a
    Lehman trike . Harley and Lehman jointed together to make the triglide
    but Harley is now marketing them instead of Lehman
  10. wolfshead1

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    Although the Can-Am has its issues it is way different than Triglide.To me Tglide is beautiful but feels very awkward and rougher than it should.The Can Am wants to go 80mph all the time but it's 1/2 the money.

    Someone could verify that the changes in the 09 bikes were made so that you can go back to your dealer and trike it in a day.If thats true buy and 09 and wait it out.