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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by BikeSAG, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Did my winter and 30,000 mile service this weekend, included changing all three holes. After reading on HD about cam chain tensioner wear and checking for junk in the oil filter I decided to cut the top (end that screws on) off the oil filter and take a look. Was really pretty simple, just rotated it in the vise and cut with a hack saw. The filter pulled out intact. Pleased to report that no junk (metal or plastic) in the filter, just dirty oil.

    Thanks for the tip. At 30,000 miles I won't worry about checking my tensioners for another year.:D
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    This is what makes this site the Best on the Net. It's nice when someone has been able to have a successful outcome with a repair or upgrade by using the advice from the forum and then sharing.....
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    DBMG, you are so right I have learned so much from this site it makes me wonder sometimes how I survived all these years without it. If this site would have been around in the late seventies early eighties I could have saved myself a small fortune as well as time. Thanks to all the great members here life just keeps gettin better.

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    With shop rates between $75 and $90 per hour, do the math: if you do the routine chores and "go the extra mile" that is money in your pocket. Add to it the satisfaction, knowledge and experience of doing a good job...that is power!

    Remember that as you are riding in the wind with that grin on your face...THAT is priceless...bugs in your teeth not withstanding! :D
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    You are lucky to have the newer style cam chain tensioners. I have an 05 and did the oil filter check and it was clean. Then I pulled the cam cover and saw that my outer pad had a very clear crack on the corner. This made me think it was only a matter of time until something bad happened to the outter pad. There was very little wear but no question it was at least a hair line crack. This at only 15,000 miles. Just no one thinks I don't ride it, I bought it in August of this year with 9,800 miles. Chains and tensioners are gone. If it had not been for this site I would have been clueless about the problem

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    The thing about the tensioners is not the method (though it can contribute), it is the slippery nylon/teflon tensioner shoes that bear the "brunt" of tightening up the chain so it does not slap around (too loose) or wear it self out by constant high pressure (over tightening) due to spring tension or sharp corner or nicks on the links. The real way sure way is to use a dentist mirror, a good flashlight and a brief stop at the HD Dealer for the $35 gasket, lube and a little bit of personal persistence to remove that primary cover to be sure. You might be surprised by what you find up did prep me on how to access the inner bolts to change the starter, experience and knowledge works.:s
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    smitty when did they change to the newer style tensioners? I have an 06 rdking with 23,000 on it and have been thinking it might be time to take a look.
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    07 was the big change for a lot of things including the cam tensioners:s