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    I originally posted this problem in the touring section, because I thought this was just a common security problem, but come to find out it only apply's to Tri Glides and Sidecar models.

    My Tri Glide came with the factory installed security system, so I ordered a smart siren II for it. When I installed it, the siren would sound whenever I turned the ignition on. After a lot of research here is what I found.

    TT408 was issued on June 18, 2009 that covers this problem. this is the text of that bulletin.

    Due to the fact that the Tri-Glide and sidecar models utilize a remote bank angle sensor in addition to the HFSM, The siren functions slightly different than other models.

    if a siren is installed on Tri-Glide or Sidecar equipped vehicles, the siren may sound when the ignition switch is turned on, even if the security system is disarmed. This will only happen if the transmission is in neutral or the clutch is pulled in.

    To prevent the siren from sounding at key-on, be sure that the transmission is in gear when you turn the ignition switch to "ignition". You can then shift the transmission to neutral for start up and the siren will remain silent.

    I just thought I would post this to prevent someone else from going through this, like I did.
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    Hi v2plus10,

    I was searching around the web because I was having the same problems as you did with the siren II going off when I turned on the ignition. Great tip!

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    Glad I read this before installing mine. Thanks! :newsmile020:
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    Thanks for this information...bout ready to install a siren!
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    After talking to a friend who is a manager at the Tank & Fender shop in York, there is a fix for the siren on the 2011 trikes. So in a week when they come out we will get the fix too.